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~Some conversations from all the couples~

Mimi🐧: jeongyyy

J: hi babyyy💖

Mimi🐧: I miss you

J: me too:(

J: but I'll see you when work is over💕

Mimi🐧: wait are you doing the photoshoot you were telling me yesterday?

J: oh yeah that little thing

Mimi🐧: ............. little thing

Mimi🐧: a Gucci photoshoot...........

J: I mean...

Mimi🐧: AND being photographed by the best photographer in the country

Mimi🐧: kim taehyung

J: dudhejehdhsjsjs

J: kIM tAeHyUnG

J: just call him tae

Mimi🐧: tae is so good

J: hehehssb ikR I didn't even know he was photographing me until today

J: he said he personally wanted to

Mimi🐧: ofc he wants to you are

J: you are prettier😔💘💓💞💕

Mimi🐧: 🥰💕💓💕💘💕💘💞💕💓

J: okay but is nayeon there

Mimi🐧: there?

J: to your flower shop

Mimi🐧: oh yeah she is here

Mimi🐧: wait how did you know?

J: she came here like hours ago

J: she was like,, sup faaaam and she greeted all the crew here

J: and then tae arrived and she started screaming and saying,, omg my other baby

J: and the director wanted to politely kick her out

J: and she was like,, your loss I'm gonna go to joonie mina and chaeng

J: so I assumed she came to the shop

Mimi🐧: she is so cute

J: yeah uwu

Mimi🐧: and yes she came here

Mimi🐧: and she hugged us

Mimi🐧: and now joonie and her are talking to the flowers

J: ..talking??

Mimi🐧: yeah joonie says that we should talk to flowers to make them feel safe

J: um?

Mimi🐧: so nayeon agreed and she went to a flower and she was like "girl so here's the tea so this bitch saw me yesterday and she was like-" and then started saying her whole life story

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