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Jcock: can yall believe I can't change dorms

Jimmy: yeah I already tried two times we can't

Jcock: my baby will have a stranger living with him

Tea: :(((

Tea: they are still not here

Jinie🌻: how? The classes start tomorrow

Tea: idk I hope no one comes so kookie can live here instead

Jimmy: I will pray to every god for this to happen

Namjohn: it can't be that bad right?

Jimmy: he always leaves his shit everywhere in the dorm

Jimmy: I found a box of pizza under his bed with a slice there and I'm pretty sure we had pizza last week


Jimmy: yeah I can't do this

Namjohn: just accept that this will be your roomate for the rest of the year

Hoebi: when they told me that they changed the rooms I didn't expect to meet a boy who has breakdowns in the middle of the night

Jinie🌻: shhhh🤫

Namjohn: Jinie you had a breakdown?

Jinie🌻: uuuh

Jinie🌻: yeah?

Namjohn: why?

Jinie🌻: oh you know

Jinie🌻: life

Hoebi: yoU knOw lifE

Jinie🌻: stfu

Namjohn: are you okay now?

Jinie🌻: ye don't worry😊

Namjohn: good

Jimmy: do yall hear the wedding bells?

Namjohn: ?

Yoongi: shut up Jimin

Jimmy: oh right you're here too

Yoongi: I would say the same thing

Hoebi: no one likes you Yoongi

Yoongi: you sure about that little bitch

Namjohn: I love Yoonie🤩

Jinie🌻: yeah I like Yoongi as well

Jcock: Yoongay is cool🤠🤠

Tea: he is literally my cousin

Yoongi: well

Hoebi: me and jimin still don't like you

Yoongi: you and jimin can go fuck yourselves

Jimmy: cute

Hoebi: Jimin r u alone

Jimmy: yeah jungkook is with Tae

Hoebi: gtg fast

Yoongi: didn't expect anything less

Jcock: 🤠🤠🤠

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