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Hoseokie: I saw a big fluffy dog

Hoseokie: and I went to pet it

Hoseokie: and then it barked at me and started chasing me

Hoseokie: but I was fast

Hoseokie: so I hid in the library

Hoseokie: and then I saw a nice old lady

Hoseokie: and we talked

Y: I love you

Hoseokie: ... h


Y: no seokie

Y: I love you

Hoseokie: ...

Y: I'm in love with you

Y: and I know I should say that in person

Y: and I want to

Y: because fuck I love you so much

Y: and you are just so nice

Y: and kind

Y: and perfect and everything

Hoseokie: .....

Y: it's okay you don't have to say it back

Y: I just wanted to get this off my chest

Y: I love you

Hoseokie: ...

Hoseokie: please

Hoseokie: please tell me it's not true

Y: that I love you?

Y: that's very true

Hoseokie: no

Hoseokie: not that

Hoseokie: please tell me it's not true

Hoseokie: please tell me you are not him

Hoseokie: please

Y: ....

Hoseokie: please tell me you are not Yoongi

Y: I

Hoseokie: please

Y: I'm sorry

Hoseokie: oh my god

Hoseokie: oh god

Hoseokie: no nono no

Hoseokie: no

Y: how..

Y: did they tell you

Hoseokie: no.

Hoseokie: I was going to say that I was talking to that lady

Hoseokie: she asked me if I wanted to buy her mattress

Hoseokie: cos it was uncomfortable for her to sleep

Hoseokie: she said she always slept on the left side and now she couldn't

Hoseokie: and then I thought

Hoseokie: oh that's nice suga told me once he sleeps on the left side

Hoseokie: and then it just came to me

Hoseokie: yoongi sleeps on the left side

Hoseokie: and then I started panicking

Hoseokie: because it all started making sense in my head

Hoseokie: every doubt I had these past months

Hoseokie: of course suga is you

Y: I'm really sorry seokie:(

Y: I mean it

Hoseokie: can you at least explain why you were lying all those months? : )

Y: I started liking you

Y: really liking you

Y: and then I found out who you were

Y: and i was scared because if i told you back then you wouldn't talk to me again

Hoseokie: you could have told me

Hoseokie: I get it why you didn't tell me at first

Hoseokie: but then we were friends

Hoseokie: then roommates

Hoseokie: and then..

Hoseokie: this is bullshit of course I would talk to you again

Hoseokie: even if you told me back then

Hoseokie: i mean I would be pissed but it would be okay

Hoseokie: and ...

Hoseokie: you wouldn't even tell me today would you.......

Y: seokie...

Hoseokie: no of course you wouldn't

Hoseokie: how long did you plan lying to me?

Y: i was trying to tell you..

Y: i was gonna do it at the party but then..

Y: i kept thinking about it daily:(

Hoseokie: oh my god

Hoseokie: this can't be real

Y: are you really that upset?:(

Hoseokie: am i-

Hoseokie: :)

Hoseokie: you were the person I trusted the most

Hoseokie: I literally opened my heart to you

Hoseokie: I told you things I never told anyone and you didn't even bother telling me the truth

Hoseokie: you just kept lying... :)

Y: I'm sorry🥺

Y: can we talk?

Y: can you come here?

Hoseokie: no

Y: oh

Y: okay

Hoseokie: I just need some time

Hoseokie: I won't come there

Hoseokie: just for today

Y: okay

Y: i get it

Hoseokie: I'll tell joon to come there

Y: no it's okay

Hoseokie: it's not

Hoseokie: you told me you are scared to sleep alone

Hoseokie: he won't mind

Y: okay..

Hoseokie: okay

Y: again im sorry:(

Hoseokie: me too

Y: :(

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