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Unknown: Hey you

Unknown: Hey

Unknown: You

Unknown: Hello

Unknown: I'm bored

Y: and what do you want me to do?

Unknown: entertain me

Y: entertain you how?

Unknown: I have some things in mind😏

Y: aaand I'm out

Unknown: No wAit

Unknown: Don't go

Unknown: I'm gonna die of boredom

Y: well rip

Unknown: please babe

Y: don't call me babe you weirdo

Unknown: just letting you know that you just hurt my feelings 😔💔

Y: hey

Unknown: what?

Y: I don't care

Unknown: you know this could be the start of something beautiful

Y: bro I don't even know you

Unknown: well do you want to know me?

Y: no

Unknown: ☹

Y: bye

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