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J: so there is a situation...

Mommy: ....

J: ....


J: I know I know

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J: I know I know

Mommy: I left

Mommy: 10 minutes ago :)

J: i know sweety😔

Mommy: and what did I say?

Mommy: I said

Mommy: don't do stupid things while I'm away

Mommy: and then jeongy told you not to fight or anything cos she wanted to see it

J: well....

Mommy: what is it? :)

J: it's yoongi and hobi

Mommy: ??

Mommy: literally fifteen minutes ago I hugged them both and then hobi ran to pet a dog

J: yeah he did

J: and then he got chased by the dog

J: and we al ignored him and went back to the dorms

J: and hobi just came here in my room

J: and he was crying

J: I think

Mommy: whAT

Mommy: what do you mean you think??

J: cos he was crying and then he was laughing

Mommy: I

J: and then joonie told him to sit down next to us

J: and he did

J: and then he was smiling

J: without saying anything

Mommy: is he alright

J: no

J: and he wasn't responding

J: and then he said,, did you know about suga?

Mommy: about what?

J: hsjwjwjsjsj yoongi was using the name suga when he was talking to him

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