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Hoebi: istg if what I think is happening is actually happening I'll fucking kill him

Nayeon: okay but we are still not sure

Hoebi: the door is locked.

Hoebi: I'm sure I heard screaming some seconds ago

Hoebi: thisisnothappening this is not happenngthis is nothappeninh

Jinie🌻: annie says she misses you guys☺️

Nayeon: Not now Jin

Jinie🌻: i- okay

Nayeon: wait

Nayeon: WAIT

Nayeon: ANNIE


Jinie🌻: ?

Nayeon: hobi dont break the door I have an idea


[7 hours before, Saturday 19:03]

Nayeon: GAYS😍

Yoongi: yes

Jinie🌻: yes

Tea: yes

Jeongyeon: yes

Jcock: yes

Jimmy: yes

Hoebi: ??

Namjohn: ?🤩🤩

Nayeon: are yall ready

Jimmy: kind of?

Hoebi: we still have hours to go

Nayeon: yeah but we need to assemble so I can make you even more perfect with makeup

Jinie🌻: alright😍😍

Namjohn: when yoonie decides what to wear we are coming

Nayeon: omg so jimmy tea het and yoongie I need to see what you picked to wear😍 already saw the others

Jinie🌻: they are cute😍

Nayeon: I can't really see them all but omg my wig is gONE😍

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Nayeon: I can't really see them all but omg my wig is gONE😍

Namjohn: same🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Nayeon: tae come here so I can curl your hair

Tea: curl my hair?

Nayeon: it would look cUTE

Tea: sure

Nayeon: uwuuwu

Jeongyeon: I think I like hobi's outfit

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