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Hoebi: so let me get this straight

Nayeon: nothing you'll get will ever be straight

Hoebi: girl i-

Nayeon: continue

Hoebi: we have to talk

Nayeon: about?

Hoebi: ....

Jimmy: I would love to talk

Jeongyeon: me too

Tea: I just woke up and why do i have more than 500 messages here?

Jinie🌻: yeah same

Yoongi: quick question

Jeongyeon: yes tiny

Yoongi: should I read what you wrote or will I die of embarrassment

Nayeon: ...

Jeongyeon: look-

Hoebi: don't read it

Yoongi: okay

Hoebi: you're reading it aren't you

Yoongi: no-🗿

Hoebi: well I warned you

Nayeon: wait yoongie let's talk first and then you'll see them alright?

Yoongi: uh okay

Namjohn: everything is confusing

Nayeon: is everyone here?

Tea: yeah except koo

Jimmy: let him sleep he just fell asleep

Tea: ???

Tea: what does that mean?

Tea: didn't we arrive here 5 or smth

Tea: its 11 in the morning

Nayeon: well-

Jeongyeon: the thing is-


Hoebi: we will start from the beginning

Nayeon: the beginning?

Hoebi: yup from the meeting of your weird ass parents

Nayeon: omg that happened yesterday?

Hoebi: yup

Jinie🌻: okay um

Yoongi: hm

Tea: we-

Nayeon: will you really get married?

Jinie🌻: all I got was that if I don't marry yoongi my mother will lose her job at tae's dad's company

Jinie🌻: this is what they said to me after the dinner

Yoongi: and they said that if I don't marry him Tae will be forced to

Tea: wait really?

Nayeon: this is what I wanted to say yesterday but I didn't know if should have

Tea: wait fuck

Tea: no

Tea: I can talk to them

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