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Unknown: hey you

Y: omg what

Unknown: that was rude

Y: yeah I know

Unknown: what you doing

Y: I was trying to sleep before someone annoying started texting me

Unknown: feisty

Unknown: I like you

Y: I don't

Unknown: yet 👅💦

Y: okay care to explain why you're texting me?

Unknown: uh I'm bored?

Unknown: What am I supposed to do?

Y: talk to your actual friends

Unknown: ha what's that?🤪

Y: don't you have friends?

Unknown: nope😔😔

Y: oh sorry

Unknown: jk I have a bunch of brats🤪

Y: fuck you I don't have time for this

Unknown: any time any place ;) 👅💦💦

Y: It's 1 am go to sleep

Unknown: ha as if

Unknown: Who goes to sleep at 1 am?

Y: normal people?

Unknown: I sleep at 5 or 6

Y: that's pointless

Unknown: It's summer why would I sleep early?

Unknown: Night hours are the best hours to be with your phone

Y: you are weird

Unknown: yeah 🤷‍♀️

Y: I don't care what youre going to do I'm going to sleep

Unknown: that's it?

Unknown: You're leaving me?

Unknown: After everything?

Y: yes

Y: bye

Unknown: bye 😔👋

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