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Jcock: how the fuck am I falling for Tae more and more each day?

Jinie🌻: awww:(

Jimmy: #G oA l sS



Jcock: I love you sm fhdjjwnfj

Y: flirting here would be gross if it was anyone but you two

Jcock: I love u too yoongay

Tea: we all love yoongay

Y: uwu

Jcock: 😚

Hoebi: I passed by kooks and jimins room and I heard weird sounds

Tea: weird sounds?

Hoebi: idk it sounded like someone was dying

Y: was it Jimin

Hoebi: ya I think so

Tea: wait wait wait

Jcock: sjsksjdjdhs yeah?

Tea: yall fucking and you didn't tell me?😔😔

Jimmy: ew no

Jcock: So Jimin was picking up some clothes while complaining and he saw some bugs and started screaming

Jimmy: five fucking cockroaches

Jcock: ppFFtT so🤠

Jimmy: with a dozen eggs

Hoebi: Well I'm never coming back

Jimmy: so I guess you heard me throwing hands at kook

Jcock: you just punched me two times and made me kill the roaches

Tea: why did you kill them

Jimmy: sis

Jcock: he told me to do it or he would throw me out

Tea: they did nothing wrong

Tea: they had babies too😔

Jimmy: wtf is this

Jimmy: they were COCKROACHES

Tea: still 😔

Y: tae it's okay not everyone is a good person like you

Tea: uwu love u too cousin

Hoebi: I just realised the word cockroaches has cock at the front

Namjohn: omg🤩🤩

Y: why tf are you so random

Hoebi: idk fam

Jcock: tae I'm sorry baby I'll try not to kill any insect from now on

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