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Jeongyeon: where r u yeonie

Nayeon: I'm driving bro

Jeongyeon: we just arrived

Nayeon: we have like twenty minutes left

Hoebi: she is driving and texting we are about to die

Jeongyeon: stfu im good at it

Hoebi: you are as dangerous as a drunk person

Jeongyeon: I'm parking the car we cant die like that everything is gonna be fine

Hoebi: ...

Hoebi: did u just hit something

Jeongyeon: ....

Hoebi: .....

Jeongyeon: please don't tell me it's a cat

Hoebi: omfg

Hoebi: just don't say anything I'll go check

Jeongyeon: alright

Jeongyeon: can you see anything

Hoebi: stop texting me I'm trying to see

Jeongyeon: Jin just said,, did you kill a cat?

Jeongyeon: tiny just said,, what? What cat?

Hoebi: tell jin to stfu

Jeongyeon: tiny is crying

Hoebi: didn't I fucking tell you not to say anything?

Jeongyeon: Jin said it

Hoebi: omg

Hoebi: and you hit a mail box it's not a cat


Jeongyeon: wait hejssksjeushs whose mail box

Jeongyeon: wait do I care?

Jeongyeon: ..

Jeongyeon: nahhh

Jeongyeon: uwu hobi just hugged tiny and told him that we didn't hit a cat

Jeongyeon: and tiny stopped crying and said,, really? And hobi said,, yes petal and now tiny extended his hands and hobi picked him up

Jeongyeon: and tiny wrapped his hands and legs around him

Jeongyeon: I don't know how but hobi is carrying him like that

Jeongyeon: tiny is like a koala bear on him

Jeongyeon: no he is like a cat

Jeongyeon: a kitten

Jeongyeon: omg I made myself sad thinking tiny as a kitten

Jeongyeon: :(((

Jeongyeon: Jin went to walk and he almost fell but joonie held him

Jeongyeon: thankfully Jin didn't start screaming

Jeongyeon: joonie is helping him walk uwu

Nayeon: omg hi

Jeongyeon: omg yeonie

Jeongyeon: aren't you driving

Nayeon: we are at a red light

Nayeon: I have the two babies in the back

Jeongyeon: did jimin really kill that guy

Nayeon: girl idk but the other deserved it

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