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Mommy: hm:)

J: yeonieee I missed you

Mommy: I left for ten minutes

J: your absence was too much

J: joonie is still sleeping I have nothing to do

Mommy: uwu baby

Mommy: so I was about to start talking about the game

Mommy: jimmy started. it landed on me and the other landed on the kiss on the cheek

Mommy: and he kissed me in both cheeks he is so cute

J: aw😍

Mommy: then it was tea's turn. it landed on jcock and he had to peck him but he kissed him for like ten hours

Mommy: then jcock kissed yoongie on the forehead while talking about his platonic crush which I stILL do NOT understand

J: same fam

Mommy: hobi had to leave a hickey on lisa's thighs and he did. For some reason everyone started talking about their thighs and we decided joonie has the best thighs

J: omg ikr😍😍

Mommy: het is actually cute he asked her if she was okay with it and then asked her where to do it

Mommy: lisa my girl was really happy and yoongie didn't even look at them. ig the floor was really interesting

J: let's pray it lands on them

Mommy: please evERYone needs it

J: 🙏🙏🙏

Mommy: jennie French kissed chan guy

Mommy: yoongie kissed momo on the ear then chan kissed tea on the cheek

Mommy: I kissed het on the nose

Mommy: gotta admit that was cute

J: uwu

Mommy: and then...🤢🤢🤢

Jin: yES?

Mommy: momo had to leave a hickey to my neck

Jin: yESSS

Mommy: and she did it really slowly wtf is this

Mommy: after 1 long minute she sat back and didn't look at me again the audACITY

Mommy: that's why I dont her

J: so you didn't like this

Mommy: no

Mommy: absolutely nOT

Mommy: nOT at all

Mommy: 🙅🏻‍♀️

J: mhm 😌

Mommy: sO then lisa kissed me on the forehead and the first round ended

Mommy: nOw

Mommy: we are currently on the second round

J: omg tell me tell me

Mommy: jimin pecked yoongi on the lips (2) times while tea and jcock found the wall entertaining

J: yoongi and jimin are cute

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