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Jennie's POV

"You want some hotdogs?" The woman in black with her on fleek bangs asked me.

"No." I answered right away.

"Obviously, I know you hate hotdogs." Lisa winked so I slapped her arm. "Why?" She asked while laughing.

"I know you're teasing me Lisa so stop it." I rolled my eyes and started to walk. I don't know where's our destination because Lisa planned this trip and the itineraries are up to her.

Lisa followed me with her big steps. "You're in a good mood earlier and you even invited me for a shower." She whispered but I guess she really wants to tease me. Well, what's new? Lisa is always looking like this. And I do love it, for sure. Just don't wanna spoil her because she might do it every second of our lives.

I looked at her direction while we're walking and saw her eating the corn dogs that she just bought. "It's not time for snacks, Lisa. It's still breakfast. You shouldn't be eating street foods at this hour."

"I know, you health conscious woman." She took a bite again. "And I already had my breakfast earlier." She grinned.

"Hmm? You didn't accept the free breakfast in that hotel because you said to the staff that we're going to have a breakfast outside."

She moved closer to me and whispered something. "I had it. At the shower room." Then she kissed me with the grease on her lips. I looked at her and laughed in embarrassment. "And that was the most delicious breakfast ever. Even Gordon Ramsay can't top that." The side of her lips went up. Yeah, Manoban is smirking.

"Silly!" I pinched her arm that made her flinch. "Other people may hear you, Lalisa."

"Okay." She shrugged her shoulders. "Let's talk about it later.... in our hotel room." She put her arm around my shoulder then she kissed the temple of my head. "I just love the morning breeze and the fact that you're with me again here in Barcelona."

We continue to walk until we reach the familiar cafe on this familiar street. It's the Syra Cafe. "Of all cafes, why here?" I said while staring at the mini and cozy coffee shop.

"This is where I first saw you." She sighed. "I bet I told you that."

This time, I looked at the woman beside me then shook my head. "I don't really remember, Miss CEO." Like what? I've been calling her a lot of nicknames lately.

"Really? I thought..." Her brows crumpled. "Eh? Never mind. The important thing is that we're here again."

"Enlighten me."

"After we buy our coffees." She patted my head like she's patting an 8 year old girl while smiling.

We entered the café and we ordered two caffé americano. She also ordered me a croissant and the moment years ago hit me. It really was the same order I ordered that time. The music plays and again it's LANY but this time, it's the "ILYSB" song.

"I love that song." Lisa said.

"Everyone loves that song, Lisa."

"I love you." She said put of nowhere. The girl on the counter is smiling to us.

"I love you too." Then gave her the sweetest smile.

" Then gave her the sweetest smile

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