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Jennie's POV

I opened my MACBook for the nth time today but still, no message from her. I turned it off again after checking if she's online but no, she isn't. Lalisa, what are you doing?

I didn't have the chance to talk to her for weeks and I don't really know what happened or what's her reason for leaving me hanging just like that.

"She's not going to contact you. I told you that everything she did was just a play. She was just bored that time." Hanbin who saw me checking again my laptop and entered my room then he sat beside me on my bed.

"Did she tell you? Oh, you know her but you didn't tell me." I said in full sarcasm. I even rolled my eyes.

"I didn't but I already know those kinds of techniques. She's going to say any flowery words and blah blah blah when you meet then after that, when you are already away from each other, she'll not bother talk to you again. Some people don't want LDR." He said and lie down on my bed.

"She's not like that. We called each other for--"

"For three days?" Then he laughed. "You topped to the whole class when we're in high school and college but you'll get your hopes high with just a short meeting? You're not so you." He said while tickling me on my side.

I stood up. "I'm not hoping for anything. I just... trusted her because she said that we'll continue our communication after I leave Barcelona." I threw him the pillow and left the room.

"That's what I'm saying. People like her will gain your trust then break it after!" He shouted but I ignored Hanbin. He's so annoying lately.

I went downstairs and I saw Jisoo unnie watching a Pokemon on the television so I sat beside her and hugged her side.

"Ya, Hanbin's right. You need to forget that woman. Just think that she's just a stranger who you met in a board exam. You will not see her again because she didn't pass it but you did." She said while eating popcorn. Her eyes are focused on the tv.

"Huh? That's not even enough close to my situation. Isn't it? Or I just don't get it, unnie?" I said while still hugging her.

"I said I'm Jisoo, I am weird." She munched her popcorn so I shook my head. Why these people? My god!

"I am very very very lucky to have a sister like you." I stood up. "I'm so blessed!" I said loudly and sighed. No one is helping right now.

"Your unnie is jjang!" She thumbs up so I left her. Why they are like this? When will I have a conversation to a person who's not weird and dumb? Aigoo.

I sat on the dining table and thinking again about Lisa. What happened to you now? Is Hanbin right? That it's just because of boredom?

Yeah, I need to focus on work instead of thinking about her. She's not going to Korea anymore and if she did, I don't need to give a damn because I won't see her. I should focus on my restaurant.


Lisa's POV

"Damn." I cursed as I massage the temples on each side of my forehead. I've been working in front of my laptop and a lots of paper works. I rested my back on the chair and removed my reading glass. "So much work for the fcking whole week."

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