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Jennie's POV

"So what happened last night?" Seulgi asked while we're eating our breakfast in very early time. It's already 6am but we're all awake because we have all individual appointments today.

"I did what I promised. I just wet--"

I instantly put the whole slice of bacon on her mouth. "Just eat." I said with authority that made Seulgi and Irene laugh.

"Ooh, I can see now who's the real boss." Seulgi commented.

"She.. is ... the boss." Lisa said while chewing the bacon.

I continue to eat. If you guys think that something happened last night, I'm going to tell you that nothing happened. After that long kiss, we decided to lay down and have conversation until Lisa fell asleep.

"Are you going straight to the café after this?" Lisa asked.

I shook my head. "Unlike you three, I didn't take a bath yet so I'm going to my house then to the café."

"I'm pretty sure that my clothes suits you." Irene said while eating.

"No. It's fine, really. I need to go home first. I need to see Mom before going to work." I smiled.

"Is your mom ill? Or sick?" Lisa asked. I was startled with her question but I managed to answer quick.

"Yes, she is. How did you know?"

"I saw her yesterday but it was just a quick glance. I assumed that she's your mother because I saw her on you phone's wallpaper when you're in Barcelona. She seems weak and her skin is pale." She said then stopped eating. She put down the utensils and faced me.

"She has a weak heart. There's actually a hole in her heart since she was a kid. Her life became at risk when she got pregnant with my unnie and me. But luckily, she survived. Her life last longer than my dad." I smiled bitterly.

"We're sorry to here that." Lisa said. "Me and Seulgi knows a lot of great doctors here around Korea."

"Oh! Dr. Jeon is expert on heart diseases, actually." Seulgi said.

"Is he still in Seoul Hospital?"

The latter nodded. "Of course. Don't worry Jen, we'll help you with this one."

"Thank you, but I need my mom to agree first. Since my father died, she didn't want us to take her to the hospital so she just continued taking medicines." I said.

"We will convince her, don't worry." Lisa patted my head while smiling.


"Why didn't you go home last night? Where were you, Jennie Kim?"

"Why do you care, Kim Hanbin?" I rolled my eyes while sitting one of the seats here in my café. It's already 7pm in the evening and this man decided to drop himself here.

"I was worried. Jisoo noona didn't tell me where you were." He make face and pout.

I pinched his cheek because he's just too cute. "Don't worry, I'm alive." I said while laughing.

"I thought someone kidnapped you or what, I'll throw my goddamn fist on his face." He said then took a sip on his caramel macchiato.

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