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Lisa's POV

"We're here." I said in a soft way then kissed Jennie on her forehead to wake her up. "Wake up, bunny." 🐰


"We're here. You need to go inside and rest." My car was already parked in front of their house. I picked her up earlier at the cafe and we had some coffee before going home but seems like the coffee isn't effective anymore to Jennie. She fell asleep while I'm driving her home so yeah, that's what happened.

"Thank you." She said, still sleepy.

I got off and quickly went to open the car door for her. I helped her to step outside and put her long red coat on her shoulders. "Quickly go inside. It's cold here."

"How about you?" She grabbed her purse on the passenger seat. "Aren't you coming inside?"

"I would love to say hi to Aunt and Jisoo but I still have my appointment tonight. Please send my Goodnight to them." I kissed her forehead and I saw her smiled. Okay, tiredness in my body already went off. It's paid off with just a sweet smile from Jennie.

"Okay. Please take care, Lisa. Don't overspeed." She ordering me like she's the Queen of this world. Oh, not yours but MY Queen. Remember that.

"I love it when you're ordering me around. But don't worry, I love you even more." There's a smoke coming from our mouth whenever we speak because of the cold weather.

"Okay fine! I know that already." She laughed. Oh god. Her gummy smile. Wow! "You should go now and please go home in time." She hugged me.

Her hug is giving me a comfort that no one can. Am I really this in love with this woman? With just simple moves done by her, my mind and my heart are always in panic? Just wow.

"Okay, Madame. You need to rest too. I love you." I said then squeezed her hand then kissed it but let it go after some time.

"I love you too, Manoban." She smiled and went inside their house.

I'm smiling while following her with my gazes. She's really the most beautiful and most wonderful thing that happened to me. And I am thanking God for that. I hope that this time, I'm doing it right.

Although I know it's wrong but please, I need your understanding now. I just want to be happy.


I opened the door to enter the elegant house. She didn't change the password. It's still the same.

I removed my shoes and put those on the shoe rack. I wore the soft slippers to walk inside the house. I entered the dining area and I saw my ex best friend and now my wife. "Welcome." She said in a cheerful way.

I nodded and placed my bag on the table and sat down.

"I'm glad you already came. Wait... I'm going to heat your coffee again." She took the cup and got busy on the kitchen again. There's a lot of food on the table and I know that she made all of these.

Those are my favorites but I can't tell myself to grab the chopsticks to eat. I can see the efforts she spent with the design of the foods and the place. She made it more cozier and warmer. Chaeyoung really knows what I like. No doubt with that because spending half of my life with her she already knew what I like and what I hate.

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