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Lisa's POV

"So you made everything up with my sister?"

"Not everything, unnie. All I know is that we're okay but we're still trying to find what we really want. And for me, it's Jennie."

"Yuck." She said while her eyes are busy scanning my office. She and Chaeng are here to drop some lunch for me.

"You're in love too, unnie." I said then stood up from my swivel chair.

"I know and I am. But look at her, preparing the food she cooked for her ex wife." She pointed at Chaeyoung who's now busy putting those foods on my table.

I was about to talk when Chaeng stopped me and she talked instead. "Don't bother to explain, she's being possessive again." She chuckled then looked at Jisoo unnie.

"What? Possessive? Fuck it. I am not---"

"You are." She glared at unnie and walked to the door. "I'll just ask Mina for something." She said the went outside.

I looked at Jisoo unnie who's now letting out a deep sigh. "Did you see that? She changed a lot, Lisa. What the hell did you do?"

"What? I didn't...."

"She's scarier than ever." She shook her head that made me laugh because of her expression.

"Don't stress yourself over it, unnie. Chaeyoung changed and that's her true characteristic. Actually, she went back to the old Chaeng I knew. My best friend." I smile.

"Don't get me wrong, I was just kidding when I said those earlier. I am not jealous, I just want to tease her, Lisa-ya."

I leaned my back on the table slightly and crossed my arms. "No problem with that, unnie. Besides, you guys look so happy together. I'm glad that you are both enjoying your time."

She nodded while smirking. "We are, Lisa. We are." She winked that made me chuckle. "By the way, Jennie told me about everything two days ago. Your brother is horrible."

"He is." That suddenly changed my mood. Thinking of that asshole makes my blood boil in no time.

"He made us suffer and made us think that you're the mean all these time. That man is far different from you." She said while looking at me.

I nodded and bowed my head. "The word "change" is really applicable with that man. He changed a lot, to the point that I can't believe until now that he really changed." I sighed.

"Whatever his reasons were, he shouldn't do that. He framed you and my fam."

"That's what I'm sorry for, unnie."

She shook her head and stood up. "You don't need to sorry in his behalf. He should be the one doing that."

"I know." I said almost whispering.

After a moment, the door opened and Mina entered with Chaeng. "Ma'am, Mr. Bambam is here." My secretary said while Chaeng expression looks unpredictable.

I didn't talk for a second and I heard Jisoo unnie coughed. "Speaking of the devil." She said. "We'll go now, Lisa. I don't want to see his face for a longer time."

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