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Chaeyoung's POV

When I read the message from the unknown number after I went down from Lisa's office, I noticed someone on my peripheral vision and it's Jennie. I was planning to go home and rest for a while but when I saw her again, I wanted to follow her but I stopped myself. I should wait for her to come down later instead.

The confrontation between the ex wife and ex mistress happened. It upsets me really hard knowing that her mind is still close for Lisa's explanation. I don't get her, she should be more considerate now that she knows that we are already divorced but saying that those paper and that fact won't change her mind? That's too absurd. She didn't wait for Lisa to explain herself before leaving that poor woman, and now she's going to take a revenge without knowing the both sides of the story? Maybe I can't blame her years ago but if Jennie will continue being an idiot, I will let her take all the blames. God.

After last night's party, Lisa drank and cried in my room again. She talked and talked the whole night, saying that Jennie came back because she's mad and wants her to mess her life. She acted like a kid last night but to tell you honestly, I was hurt to see Lisa being in that situation again and again. Since Jennie left her, saying that she'll marry someone on States without any closure with her relationship with Lisa, that poor woman suffered from anxiety and depression. I know that they both experienced those because they took their relationship seriously. She waited until she lose her hopes but Jennie didn't came back. Lisa was ready to take the risk again when she met Jennie but to our surprise, she's somebody's mistress... again. That cat woman didn't learn from the past mistake huh?

Just don't hurt my best friend again and we're good.

Now, I am on my way to hongdae to meet this not so mysterious text sender. As soon as I arrived at the bar. I sat down on one of the vacant table and scanned my eyes around the bar. It didn't change that much but there's a lot of people here now. I haven't visited this bar since that day.. you know what I'm talking about. Now, here I am again, meeting the woman who I rejected 3 years ago. Wow. Life, wow.

I ordered a dry Martini and the waiter served me that after just a minute. I held the cocktail glass and took a sip of my Martini. It's so good that I missed everything in the past, exclude the pain please.

"Nyeongan." A deep voice of a woman from my side suddenly talked. Oh God.

I slowly turned my head to her direction and saw her wearing an adidas jacket and pants, and a cropped top inside it. Not so typical for Jisoo's home style. She's so beautiful with just wearing those clothes on. I saw her heart shaped lips smiling for me and her eyes? Oh God, don't ask me because we are all know that she's really beautiful like a goddess.

"You won't ask me to sit down?" She laughed while me? Damn, I looked like an idiot staring at her. When my mind already functioned what she said, I stood up.

"S-Sorry, please.. uh.. sit down." I pointed at the vacant chair in front of me. Why Chaeyoung? You were cool confronting Jennie earlier. Damn.

"Are you okay, Chaeng?" She asked. Oh God, hearing my name as she called me gave me chills. A good chill, don't worry.

I can't help myself but smile. "I'm okay, Jisoo-ya."

"Still don't want to call me unnie, huh?" She said then raised her hand to call the waiter. "I want a bucket of beer. Thanks." She said then looked again to me.

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