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Lisa's POV

"Wrap and finish everything then the operation done." I announced to everyone in the operating room especially to my assistant trainee fellow.

"Yes. Thanks for your hard work, Doctor." They all said and I left the operating room. I removed my hand gloves and threw it on the trash bin. I also removed my operating lab gown and the face mask. I changed into a white coat for doctors.

I checked the time then I saw that it's past lunch time. The operation took up for about 5 hours straight. I stretched my back and when the joints are popping or cracking it gives me a relaxing feeling.

I was about to go to the cafeteria to take my lunch when the president of the neurosurgeon team approached me from behind.

"Hello, Dr. Wright." I said and we shook hands as our formal gestures to each other.

He smiled to me. "Hello Dr. Manoban. I was actually waiting for you to be done on your operation because I want to talk to you about leaving the country?"

I nodded. "Yes, President."

"Go to my office after you finished your lunch." Said the middle aged man.

"I will." I smile and slightly bowed my head.

I went to the cafeteria and as expected, there's just a few people because lunch time's over. Some if the doctors greeted me along the way.

I ordered my food and sat on unoccupied table. I saw that other three nurses here were waving to me, acting cute. They are Catalans. Native people here in Barcelona. I gave them a smile before grabbing the spoon and fork and saw them blushed.

I ate my lunch and rested for a while before going to the President's office. I talked to him. I confirmed that I'll be going after 3 days to Korea. I'll go there for good because the Vice President of Neurosurgery Department asked me to go back to their hospital. I can't say no because working in Korean hospitals is a good idea. I tried it once with the same hospital so I had a lot of friends back then. They need more experts neurosurgeon that's why. And because he's my friend, I accepted his offer and filed here my move out.

Chaeyoung or Rosé, my wife, didn't know about anything. I didn't bother to tell her because usually I'm not really approaching her when we're together. I rather not to talk to her most of the times. She came back to South Korea two days ago because  my mom asked for help. I don't care actually because it's good that she's not here. I just don't like to feel the presence of the person who controlled everything years ago.

After my duty on the hospital, I went to the bar to unwind. I need this more than anything right now. This day is my last working day in the hospital but I didn't bother to celebrate it with other doctors. I just ordered their favorite food, sandwiches from Subway. I just said my goodbye and went straight here to the bar. I've been here in Barcelona for months and I didn't actually expect that it's going to be boring because this is not a normal me. I have a lot of patience inside me and I don't know why I suddenly want to go back to Korea. Maybe I know the answer but I'm just in denial.

Yes, I want to see Jennie Kim again. I just fcking miss her presence, her stories, her face especially her cheeks. Months of stalking her, it feels like I'm really updated on her everyday life. Checking her social media became my habit, although most of the times I am hurt because some of her posts were about that Hanbin boy. Yeah I also stalked her twitter and they are actually flirting. That's the right term, I guess. Maybe Jennie forgot everything about me now because fuck! I'm so dumb for letting her go.

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