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Jennie's POV

I followed Lisa to the hospital because I want to see her mom's condition even though I didn't meet them personally, I care for them. I saw her entered one of the VIP rooms. I walked slowly and took a peak on the small square glass of the door. Lisa was turning her back on the door while the four old people looked like scolding her. What's happening? Who are those people? I tried to scan my eyes around the room but I can't see who's the patient because the bed was blocked by the wall. I saw how they talked towards Lisa and my girlfriend looked pitiful in her situation. She's bowing her head and looks like she's apologizing for something.

They talked for minutes them when they were about to open the door, I hid myself on corner.

"Tell to Lisa that if something happens to my daughter, I won't forgive her! Especially your family, Marco!" The first man said.

"You know them, it's just that... Lisa is a bit careless this past few weeks but I know she can solve whatever promise she has with her wife."


"I don't care! I don't want to hear any news that my daughter will be hospitalized again because of your careless daughter!"

"Let's not talk about this, please. Someone might hear you two." This time, it's a woman. I can't take a peak because they might see me.

What the fuck is happening?

I felt like there's something stabbing my heart right now. I tried to open the door when they left and I slowly walked, not making any noises because I want to hear what's going on inside the room.

"I will. Thank you for being here, my wife." A familiar voice said. I felt nervous while slowly walking from the two people talking. "That's enough for me today." The woman sweetly said to I bet, Lisa.

It took a few seconds for me to see clearly them. My knees suddenly felt weak but I really tried my best not to move because I can't believe what I am seeing right now..... fuck....

It's Roseanne and Lisa.

Lisa slowly leaned forward to kissed Roseanne's or Chaeyoung's forehead. "I always cares for you, idiot. I always do." The woman smiled then squeezed her wife's hand.


They are definitely married.....

She fooled me.....

The way I saw her kissed other woman and the fact that they are married...

Fuck, it hurts.

"Wife?" I asked in a loud voice while looking at them. They both averted their eyes on me and Lisa's face was so shocked.

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