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Lisa's POV

"Who are you?"

I opened the door of my car and grabbed the paper bag on the passenger seat. I just got back from buying a meal for the two of us. For Jennie and for me, of course.

I rode the elevator till I reached the 3rd floor. The door opened and in exact place and time, I saw Mrs. Kim and James Hendrick. I bowed my head politely and made my way out from the elevator. "Are you going home now?"

James cleared his throat before speaking. "Yes. Uh, Jennie doesn't want any visitors to disturb her."

I took a glance to the both of them and smiled weakly. "I'm really sorry if that mad you uncomfortable to leave. The fact that she suffered from head trauma and didn't remember anything plus side effects of the medicines she's taking, it's obvious that she can't handle talking to people and seeing many things easily. Let's take everything step by step."

I heard James let out a deep sigh and nodded his head. "Thank you for taking care of her. I can't wait to see her being lively and silly at the same time again." Jennie's father said.

I can't help but feel guilty because it's my fault why their daughter is suffering like this.

Her mother got here from Los Angeles but didn't bother to talk to me. She's just taking glances whenever I'm talking. I understand her so much and I still feel sorry for what happened. Not just to this incident but also what happened in the past. Remember that her mom treated me like her daughter too but I ended up hurting them. Maybe she doesn't trust me anymore especially now that I'm the one who's taking care of her daughter but she has no choice but to accept it. And yes, because I insisted.

"Let's go." Mrs. Kim told James then entered the elevator.

"We have to go, Lalisa." James said while giving me a weak smile. "Update us whenever you can." Then she followed Mrs. Kim.

"Oh." I opened the paper bag I was holding and grabbed some hot packs then extended my arm to give these to them. "It's winter, please stay warm." I said.

"Thank you." Jennie's dad said then accepted those hot packs while her mom is looking down.

"Take care." I said before the elevator door closed then bowed my head again.

After I checked that they already went down, I started to walk in a faster way to reach Jennie's room. I quickly opened the door and saw her reading the book I bought for her.

Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav.

I maybe not a poet but I love her works especially that book and now I'm sharing it to this beautiful creature that's looking at me like she wants me to go away.

"I said don't----." She paused. "You again."

"Always me." I gave her a smile and then walked towards her to give her a kiss on the forehead but when I was about to lean forward, she moved away. "Sorry." I whispered. I forgot that she's not aware who I am.

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