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Jennie's POV

Two weeks ago...

"Are you really going, Lalisa?" I asked the woman in gray suit that fits perfectly on her body.

She tucked some strands of my hair on the back of my ear. "Yeah. I'm sorry if I'm going to leave you like this. I know you're not totally fine that's why I apologize because I need to go far away from you." We're here at the airport right now because she's going to Thailand to meet her family there.

I bowed my head and slightly pout. "Just promise me one thing, that you'll come back."

"It's just a month or two, Jen. I need to settle things between my family." You know what sucks? She keeps on telling me that thing but for goodness' sake, I don't really remember why she's not in good terms with her family. I asked her also so many times when she's mentioning about her flight to Thailand thingy but she won't answer me properly. Lisa always saying that we should wait till my memories come back because she's lazy to tell. Aigoo.

Lisa grabbed my hand and kissed it. "Promise me too that you're going to remember me when the plane landed back here in Korea."

"I will Lisa. I will make an improvement."

"Dr. Kang will check on her, Lisa. Don't worry." It's the blonde girl Rosé. I rolled my eyes and sighed. Lisa confessed last night at Jisoo's house that Rosé was her wife before. That hurt me somehow but I don't know. I should not be jealous because in the first place, Lisa is just my personal doctor. Damn it.

I heard Lisa chuckled. "Yes and I already asked her a favor, chipmunk." Huh! Chipmunk my face. She quickly held my chin and made me face er again. "And for you Miss Mandu, I'm also asking a favor. Please be kind to them especially to Jisoo unnie. She's your sister so never drop that formality."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Whatever. As long as my memories aren't in, then I'll call them what I want."

She laughed and tapped my shoulder. "I swear, you're going to regret all your words now." She suddenly pulled me for a hug that took me by surprise. "It's been a long time since we're going to part and my body and my heart aren't used to it. I always love myself being at your side."

I remained silent because Lisa is acting like this again. She's always making me speechless and confused with her words. I'm confused what's the real point between the two of us because she didn't bother to tell me and brag about it. It's also making me shy to ask her those things. I don't know, I just find it embarrassing. My thoughts about us might be wrong.

"Eat anything you want. Just tell Rosé and she'll order or cook for you. Don't worry, I paid her." Then she laughed again. I don't know anymore if Lisa is just joking around or if she's serious because the past few weeks she kept on pulling pranks on me. "Okay. I meed to go. I might miss my flight." She said then placed her hand on the handle of her suitcase.

I quickly touched the side of her clothes and tightened my grip on it. "Yeah, miss your flight."

"Hey. You're being a baby again." She caressed my cheek. "Don't miss me instead, okay?"

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