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Jennie's POV

After riding a bus that has second floor, we arrived at the La Sagrada Familia church and we went inside. It's so huge and beautifully created. I bet they did it for years. Lisa was right, it's one of the famous tourist spots here in Barcelona because a lot of people we're coming in and out.

We took half an hour inside the church and we went outside. "What did you pray?" I asked Lisa. We're now walking around the place.

"That's not important to know." She said while her hands are on her pockets. "How about you?"

"Hey, I asked first. And if it's not that important then you should tell me." I said while shaking her arm.

"I will tell other people but not to you." She smirked and when she noticed that I groaned she walked faster. This woman loved teasing me.

"I hope the deity won't let it happen." I moved my tongue out but she just laughed. I walked faster to reached her but that tires me. Compare to her footsteps, mine was.... uh. Never mind.

"Come on now, smol bean." She teased me.

"The hell?" I looked around and saw that other people looked at us because she almost shouted that smol bean.

She laughed again and stopped from walking to wait for me. And when I reached her, I slapped her arm. "Call me that again and you'll going to die for real!"

"Kill me then you're not going home. Sorry tall bean." She mimicked me by moving her tongue out. We're like a normal kids fighting here.

We walked for more and sometimes we ran because she keeps on teasing me but my feet didn't felt tired maybe because of Lisa. She's really joking around but despite of her silliness, she still maintain her good posture and the professionalism with her voice and actions aren't fading away.

"Okay, I'll stop joking around. My mind is tired. Oh, and my body also. Because of your slaps." She said while laughing.

"Deserves you right, Manoban." We sat down on the vacant bench we found.

Lisa's arm extended to reach the back of my chair and rested it there. I saw her tapped her shoulder while looking at me. "Lean here, I know you're a bit tired."

I didn't protest so I leaned my head gently to her shoulder. "Thanks."

"One Euro per five minutes." She joked again so I slapped her tummy lightly.

"Silly woman!"

"Now I realized that you're really a sadist one."

"I'm sorry. Does it hurt you? I won't do it again." I said looking at her but she pulled my head gently and put back on her shoulder.

"Never think that I'm still a stranger, Jennie. Because for me, you are not." She said, changing the topic.

"I don't know Lisa. It feels like I know you for a long time." I somehow got comfortable to her, and that leaves me confused. It's very confusing because in my case, I don't trust and get along to other people easily but with Lisa, everything changed.

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