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Lisa's POV

"Let's go?"

"I told you that I don't want to go."

"But Jennie, Chaeng invited you. Don't reject the opportunity to make everything up with her." I said while waiting for her to come out from the bathroom. I'm lying down on her bed and I just came here to pick her up because Chaeng wants to see her so she prepared another dinner for us. Besides, they didn't see each other since the day Chaeng told Jennie that we're divorced already. Yes, she told me that. She really tried to invite Jennie to come over but this woman is so stubborn. I understand that it will be awkward for sure but when do we need to face and solve everything? Maybe it's awkward but that will pass. Chaeng is a great person tho. You guys know that. She won't let Jen feel out of place.

She came out from the bathroom, wearing a white robe and another towel twisted on her hair. "You know that I'm not ready to see your wife." She said then sat down to faced the mirror.

I sat down also to look at her. "She's not my wife anymore." I said blankly. "And what's the big deal about that? Everything's fine already, Jen. Don't complicate things because it will just complicate you too." I played the car keys on my hand.

"Well..." She paused. "What if we argue?"

"Trust me with this one, you won't."

" Okay."

"Oh yeah." I stood up excitedly as I shouted and walked towards her. She's already combing her hair. I stared at her reflection on the mirror and lowered my head to reach the level of her face and also to join her on the frame. "You still look the same Jennie I knew."

"That's still me, Lisa... but much stronger."

"I like it." I said then kissed her shoulder. We're looking at each other on our reflection. "I'm happy that we made things up between us, baby."

She looked at my direction so I felt her hot breathe. Her palm touched my cheek and that's fucking warm. She pulled my head a bit to face her direction and looked at me straight in the eyes. "You're not the only one, Lisa." She smiled with her gums exposed but that's cute.

I tasted her lips and smirked. "No words, Jennie Kim. I don't need any words to make you feel my love for you."

"I know." She whispered.

I stood up and she did also what I just did. We stand closer to each other and I saw her hands untying the rope of her white robe. When she's done doing that, she slowly opened her robe to expose her white skin shoulders. I know that she's going to let the robe down but I held her arms to stop it. "Jennie we need to--"

"You just said that no words, Lisa."

"Yes but--"

"Then no words." She said after she placed her index finger on my lips. With her presence, expression, and body movements, Jennie is quite seductive. This is the stronger Jennie she's saying? Well, I picked the right phrase for it. I really like it.

She ran her finger on my lips down to my neck, then down to the center of my chest. I'm wearing my black suit because again, I just came here to pick her up after I went to office. She slowly unbuttoned my coat and I can't help but gasp because I felt hot all of a sudden with her small actions. I feel like I'm already drunk with her presence.

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