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Lisa's POV

"Lisa. Please come out. You need to eat."

"I said I don't want to! Why can't you fucking understand that?!"

"Lisa, you're not eating anything for three days. Please don't starve yourself." Chaeng begged me. She's still talking outside that door. And yes, I locked myself in my room.

After Jennie left the house with her family, she returned all the things I gave her through a package and with a note.

Forget everything about me. Please let me live in peace.

And that's the cue that she doesn't want to see me ever. I wanted to see her because you know how stubborn I was so I went to the café but they said that Jennie turned it down because she sold it already. I asked her staffs if where in the world she is, they said that they didn't know. I also went to her other café in Ulsan but it's just the same situation. I searched Seoul for days but she and her family is nowhere to find. I used all my connections to see her but it's not that enough to see where she was.

I stopped searching for them three days ago because I felt tired. Want to say that I'm so dumb? That if you love someone, you shouldn't give up on finding her? Fuck. I know that, of course! I want to see her but there's a part of me told me that I should give her the space she wants. Not that I'm giving her up because I won't and I can't do that. I would rather die than give up my love for Jennie.

I also began to drink alcohol every hour of my life. That's why Chaeyoung always knocking my door, offering me something to eat and maybe she wants to check if I'm still alive.

I walked towards the door then opened it and gave her a blank look. "Stop bothering me. I'm not going to kill myself."

"I know that, but can you at least eat something healthy? You've been drinking for days." She said, always worrying about me.

I grabbed the tray from her and shut the door. "Never disturb me again!" I raised my voice and put the tray on the table. I won't bother myself to eat those. My body still finding all Jennie's dishes for me. My stomach wants the food she cooks but now that she's gone from me, I don't mind not to eat.

I sat down on the bed and lit my 12th cigarette for today. I think I'm going to die with what I'm doing. I'm too dumb, right? That's what I deserve after fooling the woman I love because I was a jerk.

I want to see her again because I really hate missing her! My heart, my body and my mind were used that Jennie is always at my side.

I stood up again when I heard that someone's shouting outside my room. The voice became louder when it reached the other side of my door. "You shithead! Go outside and fight with me!"

It's.... Jisoo unnie...

"Don't be such a pathetic! Come here, you fucker!"

"Jisoo-ya! Stop that..." I heard Chaeng said.

"No! I have so many words that I want to say with that liar! I've been stopping myself for weeks but I can't do this anymore!" She shouted again.

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