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Jennie's POV

"Jennie! How was Europe? Come back as soon as you can okay? Don't extend your vacation there!" Jisoo, my unnie told me via video call.

My Ipad was placed on the mini table of my hotel room while I'm unpacking my clothes from the suitcase. "Unnie, I told you that it's not a vacation. It's a business trip. This trip can help me from convincing those big investors to help my business there in Korea." I said while walking around.

"I know but it looks like you're having fun there even you're alone." She said while playing with her hair on the screen. She's busy looking at her phone.

"Why my unnie is so busy?" I asked.

"I'm texting Chaeyoung because she's still on the bar. She don't want to go home. Haysh, this silly girl." She said, looks so stress.

"Why don't you pick her now and then get married?! Hahaha, you're so obvious being in love with her, unnie. I love seeing you worried because you care. And because that woman is special to you."

"Ya! Stop now okay. She's just a friend, you pabo!" I saw her put her phone down. She's using laptop on video calling me. "I hope that you're really going to enjoy Barcelona. That was you last stop for that trip right?"

"Yes and this is my dream place, it's like a Disney Land for me, unnie. I can't help but be happy now that I'm here in my happy place. This is definitely goals." I said.

"I'm happy that you're enjoying your first business trip, Jendeuk! Don't forget the wine that I told you to buy okay? I love you, dongsaeng!"

"Aigoo. Okay, I love you too. Go and pick Chaeng now!" I laughed and we ended the video call.

I turned off my Ipad and looked around the hotel room. It's fine, it's not that luxurious like the VIP Room but because I'm alone, I prefer to have a cozy place and small room that will make me comfortable to rest. It's actually my 7th day in Europe and I just landed here in Barcelona, Spain. I visited Paris, France and London for the past 7 days. Those places were my main focus to visit because I suppose to meet the investors there. So this Barcelona trip was just my plan and out of business. I want to come and see the place just for 3 days before going back to Korea.

I should sleep now because I want to walk tomorrow morning and taste their coffee and bread.


Uh. Good morning self.

I moved the long silver curtains to see the view from my hotel room. There's a big wide glass window so I opened it an the fresh air went inside the room. Wow.

So this is Barcelona at morning. I can see the sun rising and those buildings and trees that are beautifully landscaped.

I changed my robe to a casual dress because I'm going to have breakfast on some café here. I went outside the hotel and grab a taxi. One of the crew in hotel told me one of the best café that I should try so here I goes.

I went to the Syra Café in Gracia District here of course in Barcelona.

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