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Wedding  by jenlisa_trash
Wedding by jenlisa trash
In which, Lisa lost a bet to Jisoo and was forced to stop a wedding as her punishment. "Run away with me." "Eeww. Not until you pluck your brows."
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Book 1. JENLISA(Completed) : The One I'm looking For by Firstliee
Book 1. JENLISA(Completed) : The You don't need to know
She dated a lot, but she only likes a part of them, not completely Will this girl find the One who possessess the complete set of pieces that will capture her heart?
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La Vie en Rose ➸ Jenlisa by TheSelfishCat
La Vie en Rose ➸ Jenlisaby 𝓜𝓮𝓰𝓪𝓷
[teacherxstudent] Lisa Manoban is not your typical college girl who listens to gossips and cares about her instructors or professors. She would attend her classes, wait...
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✔️I AM HURT by IMAEntertainer
✔️I AM HURTby ♥ Lalisa ♥
In which Jennie Kim breaks up with her boyfriend and goes back to Lisa because she just realizes that the one she truly loves is not him but her. Unfortunately, everyth...
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow [JENLISA] by YoJenlisaaa
Somewhere Over the Rainbow [ 대루루
I have you, you have me. That's perfect already. Love is not easy thing to do. We laugh, we cry, we smile. What if after all the times we spent together suddenly vanish...
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The Untouched Beauty by Rose_Robins16
The Untouched Beautyby Rose_Robins16
🔞🔞🔞*extra smut warning*🔞🔞🔞 Jennie and Lisa were and are very good friends. Hell, you can say even bestfriends, but what if their "friendship" would grown...
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The Tiger King (Chaelisa) by Dreamofshadows
The Tiger King (Chaelisa)by MMC
boxer! lisa and pilates instructor! chaeyoung au Lisa is less than thrilled when she is made to attend Pilates sessions to help her gear up for upcoming tournament match...
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High school Sweet Hearts | Jenlisa by Lisayaya
High school Sweet Hearts | Jenlisaby Lisayaya
A cliché love story where the popular jock falls in love with the shy girl. PURE FLUFF WARNING. Jenlisa with a side of Chaesoo
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touch your heart | k.js + k.jn by flaneurism
touch your heart | k.js + k.jnby cath
based on the kdrama 'touch your heart' dir. by: park joon hwa written by: lee myung suk, choi bo rim korea's top actress, kim jennie, has been involved in a drug scandal...
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JENLISA by delusional_obsession
JENLISAby jenlisatheotp
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My Sweetest Revenge by -kimanoban23
My Sweetest Revengeby -kimanoban23
Wait till they taste my sweet revenge -Lisa Completed
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Your Text [Jenlisa] G!P Lisa by Peachy__Park
Your Text [Jenlisa] G!P Lisaby 🧡Peachy_Park🧡
Warning: G!P Lisa
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BE ALRIGHT by lilininijenlisa
[COMPLETED] "does that give you a right to yell at a girl infront of some media? Now how can we clear up that mess? The company called me and some investors are tr...
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The Sergeant And The Heiress [Completed] by Squirtle23ftLisa
The Sergeant And The Heiress [ Squirtle23ftLisa
This is a fanfiction story of my favorite ship, Jenlisa in the house ya'll! ???? If you hate blackpink, don't read this. I love Jensoo. I love Chaesoo. I love Chaelice...
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Babysitting the Maknae by Lisayaya
Babysitting the Maknaeby Lisayaya
When Lisa turns into a kid, will the rest of Blackpink be able to handle her? And will they be able to turn her back to normal before time runs out?
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The Girl Who Doesn't Speak ♥ JENLISA [EDITING]  by lifeofjenlisa
The Girl Who Doesn't Speak ♥ lifeofjenlisa
"Just be patient with her, she never spoke a word to any of us, maybe you can change that" Where Lisa is a patient in a mental hospital and Jennie is forced t...
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Catch My Eye by blacksvelvet
Catch My Eyeby 🏳‍🌈
basketballplayer! Lisa and studentcouncilpresident! Jennie AU Her friends would ask her why she's still single when there's a line of people admiring her. Lisa would ans...
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Someone You Can't Have (JENLISA) by adwian25
Someone You Can't Have (JENLISA)by Ken
(DALAM TAHAP EDITING. HARAP MAKLUM JIKA DITEMUKAN PENGULANGAN KATA YANG TERLALU BANYAK) "Bagaimana jika selama ini kamu mencintai teman mu sendiri? teman grupmu, ya...
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THE MISTRESS [JenLisa] by YoJenlisaaa
THE MISTRESS [JenLisa]by 대루루
You appeared out of nowhere and made me feel like I am the happiest. You made me fall, I let you.... but that was the stupidest thing I've ever done because now that I a...
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Contract for Love (Jenlisa adaptation) by baconcookiescake17
Contract for Love (Jenlisa Baconcookiescake17
Single mom Jennie lives in a trailer park with her six year old son Leo, trying to make ends meet as a waitress. Lisa's life couldn't be more different. She's been rais...
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