45 (Finale)

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Lisa's POV

"Lisa, are you really going to get married?"

"Again." I smiled as I answer.

The woman lowered her head as if she's taking a bow. "I'm sorry."

I lifted her head by touching her chin to meet her gazes. "I told you many times that never low yourself with people like me. I don't deserve that, Chaeyoung-ah." I said then pulled her for a warm hug. "Don't be sorry anymore, I know your reasons and your story so I won't judge you, chipmunk." Then I mess her hair that made her stare at me like she's going to kill me.

"I can't help but feel sorry and shy at the same time. Every time those moments cross my mind, I feel like shit." 

"Aigoo. I thought this night would be wonderful because you borrowed me from Jennie for the last time but it seems like I am baby sitting a child like chipmunk." I chuckled and released her from my hug. Yes, she borrowed me from Jennie. 3 days from now, Jennie and I will get married. To make that event special, I want to settle everything first. You know how complicated my life was so maybe I deserve this time to make up with those important people. "Just promise me that you'll be present on my special day."

As to my best friend slash ex wife, Chaeyoung, everything between us is clear now. We made up years ago so Jennie and I have nothing to worry about. That's life, right? You will meet someone that either will complicate or make your life easier and as for Chaeng, that's both. She became my enemy, my lover and a shoulder to lean on but I have no complain because that happenings in my life made me better and made me appreciate even those little things. I can now fight for what I want and for what I deserve and that's happiness. 

"Are you sure you want me there?"

"Why? Are you afraid that it will be awkward for Jennie?"

"I considered that already but Jennie talked to me yesterday and invited me herself." She said while flashing those sweet smile of hers.

"Then we're good. My boss already invited you, so be there."


"But still tops." I said then we both laughed. Oh I almost forgot to tell you that we're here at the same beach where we used to visit in college. This time, Chaeyoung prepared everything, the tent, the campfire and the foods. We used to do this in college even after our graduation. I leaned myself on the chair and relaxed my body. 

"You like it here?" She asked the exact question I asked when the first time we got here.

I nodded. "Who wouldn't like it here? I have the foods, the scenery, the cold wind, the moonlight, and the best friend that always understands me in all my ups and downs."

"And the cheesiness you have." We laughed again because we're not like this all the time. We rarely used to praised each other because we're always bickering. 

"It only shows once a year so be thankful that you've witnessed it tonight." I said in a cool way.


"Correction, witty." I smirked so she threw me the pillow that was placed on her legs. "By the way, sing for me again."

"What? My golden voice faded away years ago so I'm not that good anymore."

"But still good. Please?" She kept on insisting with the pouting she's doing.

"Yah, I don't even sing for Jennie." I complained.

"Stop complaining. Here." She grabbed the guitar on her side and gave it to me. "Play now."

"Wow, you're ordering me now?"

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