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Lisa's POV

"Eat whatever you want." I leaned forward to whisper on Chaeng's ear.

She slightly slapped my arm. "Stop it. I didn't expect that this party is that exaggerated. There's a lot of VIPs here." She pouted so I pinched her cheek.

"What did I told you, Chong-ah? You didn't listen to me but you really listened to your stomach." I said while chuckling.

"Stop now, Lisa! My stomach is more important than you." She whispered in a hard tone that made me laugh.

"Is there any problem, CEO-nim?" Jackson out of nowhere popped in front of us wearing his blue tuxedo and well combed hair.

"Nothing. My best friend wants to eat. She's actually starving."

"Lisa!" I looked at Chaeng who's now looking at me intensely. I just love teasing this woman.

"I can assist you on the dining area, Ma'am. It's my pleasure." Jackson said while offering his hand but Chaeng looked at me.

I coughed to clear my throat. "Oh, that's a good idea. But can you lead the way first, Jack?" Because Chaeng looks uncomfortable and shy. Jackson walked his way to the dining area so I whispered again something to Chaeng. "You guys looks so cute together while both wearing blue." I smirked.

She took her gazes on me. "The hell?"

"Give that man a chance. He might like you."

"Shut it, Manoban. After all my realizations in life, you already know where my heart belongs right now." She said then started to walk away.

"Okay, Pika-chichu." I waved my hand, still teasing the chipmunk.

I scanned my eyes around the hall of this house. Chaeyoung is right earlier that there's a lot of VIPs here especially those involved in politics and some sorts of businesses. Women in their beautiful, elegant gowns and dresses while men in their straight and formal tuxedos. And me? Oh, exclude me because I wore what I wanted to wear.

"Champagne, Ma'am?" Said one of the waiter with his tray on his hand, offering me some.

I grabbed the tall champagne glass carefully and nodded to him. "Thanks." He bowed and walked again to serve some on guests.

I took a sip and still standing up while waiting for Jackson and Chaeyoung but I guess they will take their time because I know that this time, the chipmunk is munching her food.

"CEO Manoban?" A man from afar called me while having his way to me. "It's nice to see that you finally accepted my invitation." The main man who just turned 60 today approached me with some of his bodyguards that never left his side. He's Prime Minister Jung.

"It's nice to see you too." I raised my glass and bowed my head a little. "Happy birthday, Prime Minister. It's such a pleasure."

The man shook his head. "No, it's my pleasure because one of my favorite person is here." He said while laughing.  "How's your company? I heard that its sales are getting higher and higher."

Here we go...

I composed myself and cleared my throat before speaking. "Uhm. Yes, Prime Minister. I am doing my best to save the company."

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