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Twice's Manager | Twice FF by WhileATeen
Twice's Manager | Twice FFby 나리
Twice x Female Reader FF JYP, the owner of JYP Entertainment, decided to hire his favorite girls, Twice, a new manager that would help manage their lives better. Y/LN...
  • momo
  • chaeyoung
  • twicexreader
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twice baby by _hyunwoo
twice babyby rei
a story about when Sana,Momo,Chaeyoung and Tzuyu turned into a baby
  • twice
  • dahyun
  • chaeyoung
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Forgotten // BLACKPINK x Reader by Jensenpoiii
Forgotten // BLACKPINK x Readerby J E N 😎
You were a huge fan of Blackpink and they became your inspiration to pursue your dream of becoming a part of the military. Then in one particular training, you and the o...
  • rose
  • lisa
  • girlxgirl
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something else [michaeng] by delustify
something else [michaeng]by kareen
where mina and chaeyoung flirt in the comments ©delustify 2019
  • blackpink
  • redvelvet
  • 2yeon
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삐삐 (bbibbi)| Twice x Reader by idlwlrmau
삐삐 (bbibbi)| Twice x Readerby A person
Cold and rude yet strong, Park Minjoo, always has a beeper on her, she hated when people invaded her personal space, when ever you got to close to her it would beep rapi...
  • nayeon
  • kpopidols
  • jeongyeon
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Adopted Love (Chaeyoung x Reader) by MrBlackHair
Adopted Love (Chaeyoung x Reader)by Hopie
Your family adopted Chaeyoung when you were young. She has never been anything but a bully to you. What will happen when a certain unnatural feeling begins to arise betw...
  • angst
  • jungkook
  • bully
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Appreciate Me (Michaeng ver.) by chaey_
Appreciate Me (Michaeng ver.)by mm
"I just want you to appreciate me... Even a little, i dont mind. Is that too much to ask for?" "Shh, I dont even want your presence here.. Give me times&q...
  • myouimina
  • michaeng
  • twice
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Mrs. Park by RosesForMyRosie
Mrs. Parkby ǝɯ ʎɥʍ
New school, new friends, new teachers, new crush. Who thought you'll fall in love with the director? This is a Park Chaeyoung x Fem Reader story, enjoy Contains smut.
  • fluffandsmut
  • kimjisoo
  • roseanne
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Chilly by OhYeahPsssh
Chillyby OhYeahPsssh
"Are you okay?" Jennie's eyes exude concern, but Lisa no longer finds it comforting. How can she, when she knows now that she will never be anything more than...
  • gxg
  • chaesoo
  • kpop
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Treacherous || LisKook by Sereneillusions
Treacherous || LisKookby Serene I.
《A LisKook AU》 _____________________ Lalisa Manoban is a twenty-three year old girl with a tough past. Though it's been sixteen years since her life drastically changed...
  • jeonjungkook
  • lisamanoban
  • bp
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i love loving you; twice x fem!reader by chaeyoungsplant
i love loving you; twice x fem! yunni ùwú
Park Y/N, A Demon, Yes a Demon. Her punishment is by going to the human world. Will she be more happy in the human world? Maybe fall in love. She shrugged. ... please...
  • twicexfemalereader
  • twicexreader
  • tzuyu
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You Happened (Completed) by lovely2431
You Happened (Completed)by Lovely2431
Being a new student is never easy, especially in YG high school. Lisa never found school all that interesting, until she met the one and only Jennie Kim. Jennie Kim is t...
  • jenniexlisa
  • lisaxjennie
  • romcom
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Our Perfect Love Story (Jenlisa) by itsLiNi23
Our Perfect Love Story (Jenlisa)by JenLiRoJi
(COMPLETED) [1st Book to Publish] Jennie and Lisa for their own Perfect Love Story [ Ranked Number 1 in Jisoo, Jennie, Chaeyoung, Lisamanoban 10/18/18 ]
  • jennie
  • girllove
  • jisoo
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𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 | chaelisa by 1oveme
𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 | chaelisaby ɪᴢᴢʏ
in which a girl falls in love with an angel she doesn't deserve. chaelisa au. started: june 28, 2018 ended: january 22, 2019
  • jennie
  • chaeyoung
  • chaelisa
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muted; twice x fem!reader  by chaeyoungsplant
muted; twice x fem!reader by yunni ùwú
Kang Y/N, a girl whom muted herself due to disliking her own voice and not wanting to talk She woke up in a school bus full of teenagers, she doesn't remember anything g...
  • chaeyoung
  • jihyo
  • twice
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The Twice Group Chat by TheDashinatorGirl
The Twice Group Chatby TheDashinatorGirl
The random group chat of twice where lots of shit happens because the writer is a moody teenager
  • chaeyoung
  • dahmo
  • momo
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Through the Screen |Michaeng| by kaetchupmina
Through the Screen |Michaeng|by menguin
"i need to see you."
  • momo
  • suga
  • jimin
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Still Holding On (Jenlisa) by LaurennJaureguii
Still Holding On (Jenlisa)by Ꭺ
"Every rose has its thorn, just like how every night has a dawn" #12 in gxg (05/05/2019) #31 in Fanfiction (07/04/2019) #2 in Jennie (09/04/2019) #3 in Jenlisa...
  • blackpink
  • jenlisa
  • manoban
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HOME [JenLisa] by iJvne_
HOME [JenLisa]by lalisa 🤙
"The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who's practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child...
  • jihyo
  • chaelisa
  • blackpink
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❝ twice imagines ❞ by twicecult
❝ twice imagines ❞by jennie
twice imagines
  • momo
  • tzuyu
  • jeongyeon
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