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Hesitate - liskook - by Baby_Mayonaka
Hesitate - liskook -by D🌙
darkness. it lurks around every corner. if you doubt it's power, even for a second. it won't hesitate to swallow you whole. ××× in which BTS has a mission to recruit th...
  • mafiaau
  • liskook
  • lisa
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I'm Breaking by Artemis1265
I'm Breakingby oof
Park Chaeyoung is a talented all-around surgeon but specializes in neurosurgery. She lives a 24/7 life in the hospital and sometimes can't be a mother to her daughter. J...
  • doctor
  • parkrose
  • jeonjungkook
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Jenlisa - When You Realize You Love Her (COMPLETED) by ariokacchan
Jenlisa - When You Realize You Ariokacchan
Lisa is used to get bullied during her junior high school time and once is saved by her senior. Lisa decides to go to the same high school just to meet with her senior a...
  • jenlisafanfic
  • yuri
  • chaelisa
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EUPHORIA | LISKOOK ✔ by disney_aurora
BTS Jungkook & BLACKPINK Lisa Copyright 2019 © by disney_aurora.
  • pinksonyeondan
  • lisa
  • blackbangtan
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Don't Call Me Agassi Anymore! by Jenlisa_suzylove
Don't Call Me Agassi Anymore!by jenlisa Kim Manoban
Another Jenlisa fanfiction. Chaesoo will be there alittle too.
  • love
  • kimjennie
  • jenniekimmanoban
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- Imagines - Oneshots - Reaction - etc. Feel free to request!~
  • joy
  • wendy
  • lalisamanoban
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Magnets (One shot compilations) by lovely2431
Magnets (One shot compilations)by Lovely2431
Enjoy this compilation book full of Jenlisa one shots!! 💓💓💓💓
  • angst
  • exokai
  • fluff
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blinded » liskook by YUPHORIA-
blinded » liskookby yuri
"She's the pretty lie, while I'm the ugly truth." -in which Jungkook "cheats" on Lisa without her knowing because of her disability to see. "I l...
  • beyondthescene
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • jin
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PINK HOTLINE #wattys2019 by uglypeachie
PINK HOTLINE #wattys2019by ─̇❥ᰰຼ⭏ ᥇ꪊ᥇ 🎯⁾⁾
✆ ❝ WELCOME TO PINK HOTLINE! START CHATTING NOW? ❞ ✆ a blackpink texting + story fic ♡ in association with my favorite dumbass, - ̗̀ 🐰 ░ @jwehoof ୭̥*₊˚
  • wattys2019
  • crack
  • jisoo
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My Safe Haven by KimMandeukie
My Safe Havenby Jennie Kim's
I never thought that running away will lead me to you, you are my safe haven. With you, everything is alright. I love you my Lisa. Now that you are with me, no one can h...
  • lisa
  • blackpink
  • girlxgirl
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If It's Our Last (JenLisa) by JaneVauclain
If It's Our Last (JenLisa)by JV†
If today is the last day of your life, what would you do? And what would you regret not doing? For Lisa, what she would probably do is ask her best friend Jennie-the one...
  • queer
  • bestfriends
  • lgbt
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touch your heart | k.js + k.jn by jisoovinyl
touch your heart | k.js + k.jnby 🌻
based on the kdrama 'touch your heart' dir. by: park joon hwa written by: lee myung suk, choi bo rim korea's top actress, kim jennie, has been involved in a drug scandal...
  • blink
  • yg
  • jisookim
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JENLISA by delusional_obsession
JENLISAby jenlisatheotp
  • parkchaeyoung
  • chaesoo
  • jisoo
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Housemate or maid? by kpop_1205
Housemate or maid?by pardon??
Lisa lives alone in her house. Her brother decided to do something and signs a contract with his friend, making him her new housemate. Buuuuut her new housemate is jeon...
  • lizkook
  • chaeyoung
  • jisoo
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Fake Love  by Chimmy_ssy
Fake Love by shock mochi
Breaking News.! BTS Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook and BLACKPINK Royal Maknae Lisa Manoban... Dating.!? First book of my Love Yourself Series. Rankings: # 1 - Liskook (0...
  • blackpink
  • jhope
  • blinks
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instagram | chaelisa by chiminjoonya
instagram | chaelisaby positivity angel ❤️
"chaeyoung, there must be a slippery road between us, becuz i fall for you whenever we get closer." ------------------------- chiminjoonya's 1st blackpink fanf...
  • jensoo
  • instagram
  • kimjisoo
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You Happened (Completed) by lovely2431
You Happened (Completed)by Lovely2431
Being a new student is never easy, especially in YG high school. Lisa never found school all that interesting, until she met the one and only Jennie Kim. Jennie Kim is t...
  • funny
  • lalisamanoban
  • lisaxjennie
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The Villain by _itsvharps
The Villainby V 🧸
I'm the villain of this story. I've decided to lay myself bare. To tell the truth for once in my hollow life, no matter how dark it gets. And I can assure you, it will g...
  • lalisamanoban
  • lis
  • lisa
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Blackpink- One Shots Book ( 2 ) by Sachitsuki-Kim
Blackpink- One Shots Book ( 2 )by | FanFicPage-14 | 🖤
A book of Blackpink's imagines and one-shots. - ( WARNING⚠️ : Some of the one shots stories may include same sex pairings. So please, I don't want anyone to judge...
  • blackpink
  • rose
  • parkchaeyoung
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Prank wars  by JENLISAblinks100
Prank wars by YOYOJENLISA
Blackpink are youtubers but these are shots about there prank wars This is mainly about jenlisas playful relationship. MOSTLY JENLISA but CHAESOO WILL BE INCLUDED ( g...
  • lisamanoban
  • jisoo
  • parkchaeyoung
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