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Lisa's POV

"Hey, wake up." A soft voice of a woman woke my sleeping soul. I slowly opened my eyes and I saw Jennie bending forward because she waking me and tapping my shoulder.

Her brown wavy hair is swaying as she moved. She doesn't have any make up on her face but she still looks like the goddess. Damn. What a beautiful to see first thing in the morning.

"Need to wake up, Lisa. It's already 10 but you still haven't eaten yet." She carefully caressed my cheek while giving me a sweet smile. "I ordered breakfast. You should eat now." She said.

A smile flashed on my face then I slowly sat down because my head was aching a bit. I groaned in pain but it was bearable. Jennie sat down beside me and I looked at her. She's wearing a big white sweater that gave me a full view on her collar bones that I found sexy. Damn, this girl makes me feel the unusual feelings.

"Are you okay? I should buy medicine, wait for me here." She said and she was about to stand up but I stopped her by clinging my arms around her waist.

I hugged her from the side and rested my head on her shoulder. "Water will do. It's just a simple hangover." I said in a husky voice because I just woke up. I buried my face on her neck so I smelled her sweet scent. She smells like a baby.

"Lisa. That tickles me." She said while pushing me away in a gentle way but I didn't bother to move my face away from her neck.

"It feels so comfortable. Let this be my medicine." I said while breathing slowly.

"Surely your hangover will be gone." She said in full of sarcasm that made me chuckle. "Enough with that. I need to pack my things because I have my flight later."

"What time, Jennie?" I looked at her without breaking my clingy hands off her.

"2 in the afternoon. I need to go on the airport an hour before the departure time." She said while looking at me.

"Can you extend your vacation? I still want to be with you because I still don't know when will I go back to South Korea."

"Are you going back? I thought you have work here? And besides, your hometown is Thailand." She said confused.

"I'll visit a friend." I tried to give her a sweet smile. "Then I'll visit you after." I said.

"Then visit me. There's no problem with that. I can't stay any longer here, Lisa. I already booked the flight." She said while removing my arms that clung to her waist. She stood up and started to picking things on the table and on the bed. That's her things.

"Why do I feel like you don't want to stay here with me?" I followed her with my gazes. "I'm not going to do anything."

"It's not that, Lisa. Don't you think that it's too fast? I'm not dumb to not sense that you're giving me hints that you like me."

"And I like you. I bet I confess everything earlier. What's so fast with that?" I stood up. We're talking in a normal tone of voice so it's not really a fight.

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