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Jennie's POV

"I'm happy that you called me and you wanted to have lunch with me." Lisa said while looking at the menu.

"I'm hungry and I have no more money." I joked that made her chuckle.

"Then this is my treat for real. You have so many debts now." She said while her eyes browsing the menu.

"You insisted, Lisa. You're not kidding earlier right?"

"I am just kidding. Those words slid on my tongue accidentally so you're indebted to me." She winked at me while smiling then before I talk back she raised her hand to catch the attention of the waiter.

"Sí, Señora?" The waiter said.

"¿Me daría dos filetes y un pollo entero, por favor? (May I have two beefsteaks and a whole chicken, please?)" Lisa said and the waiter took notes of the orders.

"¿Me trae una hamburguesa con patatas fritas y coca-cola grande? (Will you bring me also a hamburger with chips and a large coke?)" she said fluently and the waiter asked her again. I don't understand what he said to Lisa, maybe checking or repeating the order? I don't know.

"Gracias. (Thank you.)" she said and the waiter left.

I clapped my hands and she looked at me. "What's with the clap Jennie?"

"Wow. Just wow." I said. "You're really a multilingual, a language genius."

"Is that a thank you for treating you for lunch?" She chuckled. "Still, it's a debt. I don't usually accept thank you. That won't feed me another meal." She said cooly while drinking a glass of water.

"You're a bit harsh, you know that?" I shook my head in disbelief.

"Pay me." She said.

"What? This restaurant looks like serving luxurious American foods and I forgot to take my wallet. But I have few bucks here, I can pay the other half once we see each other again." I said and opened my pouch.

"No. Not with money. Spend a day with me, today's not counted." She told me. What?


"Don't wanna scare you or creep you out with my weirdness but I felt like I want to be with you for another one day. I'm sorry if I am asking too much." She tried to smile and the food has arrived and we started to eat. I didn't have the chance to answer her.

Lisa looks like a good person, I know it's kinda strange for you guys but she makes me feel comfortable. I'm not supposed to have lunch with a stranger. Yes, she's still a stranger to me because we just met earlier then I'm just having lunch with her now. I can't find any sign that Lisa is dangerous to be with. She's actually a good company.

"Where are we going tomorrow?" I said while cutting the steak but because it medium rare, it's a bit hard to slice.

"Are you saying that you're going with me?" She grabbed my plate and change with her plate. The steak was already sliced. I didn't answer and just watched her doing things. I think it's thoughtful of her?

"What?" She asked me when she noticed that I'm not answering and just staring at her.

"No-Nothing. I mean yes, you should tour me around Barcelona. I have no itineraries that was planned for tomorrow." I started to eat and eat. Damn. Why am I staring at her all the time?

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