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Jennie's POV

A month later....

I slowly opened my eyes because I was just woke up from a deep sleep. While opening my eyes, I saw this beautiful creature still sleeping. I looked around and saw that we were both naked because we just had fun last night or should I say earlier.

Damn. It's just 4 am yet I was awake? I looked at the glass window and saw that it's still dark outside. Damn. I should be resting now because I'll be busy the whole day.

I stood up and went inside the bathroom to pee. I can feel the coldness inside the room, obviously because I don't have any clothes on me. I did my things and after that, I went outside then walked in front of the mirror.

"Shocks." I whispered while touching those hickies. One on the left side on my neck and the rest were marked down to my breast. I remembered how wild Lisa earlier.

"Want another round?" She suddenly popped out and back hug me.

"Oh god, you startled me." I said in a hoarse voice.

"I'm sorry, you looked so spaced out. What's wrong?" She whispered. Damn, I can feel her hot breath on my earlobe.

"You just left a lot of hickies, baby. How can I hide this one?" I pointed the hickey on my neck because fuck, it's so obvious.

She rested her hand on my tummy while planting kisses on my shoulder. I just watched her do her thing but she's so hot. Her sleepy eyes and little actions made her look so fucking hot. This Lisa is really a blessing to me and thank God for giving me this woman.

"Then don't go later at the café, stay with me instead." She smirked then kissed me on the cheek. "I don't know what potion did you used but I'm so fucking addicted to you right now, Jennie."

I turned around to face the woman. I clang my arms around her shoulders. "I did that effortlessly." I kissed her lips and bit the lower one.

"Oh. You know that move now." She moved her hand down to the curve of my waist down to my butt. She slightly slapped my butt cheeks that made me startled. "But you're not expert as me."

"Then teach me how to be one, Cupid."

"I would love to, my Princess Psyche."

"Lisa." I rested my head on her chest while looking outside the window. "Why do you love me?"

"Hmm? Do you need to ask me that? You should know by now why I am loving you."

"I would love to hear the reason." I said with my baby voice. I can show off things like this when I'm with Lisa.

"There's no reason to not love you, small bean. You've made me realize my worth. Your family became my family because you all treated me like one. I know it's cheesy but you became the light of my darkest life. Too many reasons to mention but you know what's the main reason? I love you because I love you." Then she kissed my forehead for a long time. "Thank God I found you."


"Noona, the sales on the first branch decreased because of those new built restaurants near here. I'm afraid that it will continue to decrease because someone's already started building a new buffet restaurant in front of the café." Hanbin reported from the other line. We can't meet now because we're both busy on the cafés and I'm hearing bad news from him so often this past few days. It's stressing me out so much although that's the nature of the business. Flop or bop, that's unpredictable.

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