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Lisa's POV

Your company will go down soon, Lalisa. Wait for it.

I shook my head as I read on the screen of my laptop the new email from the unknown sender. I really don't know what she or he wants but I'm starting to get irritated. Whenever I'm receiving this email from whoever that bastard is, it's starting to ruin my whole day. Who is she/he to say that my company will go down?! It won't. As long as I'm the CEO, that won't happen. I won't let it happen, never.

"That sender doesn't know how to stop, eh?" Jackson said. He's reading the newspaper while sitting comfortably on the sofa here in my office.

"It's starting to piss me off. Why can't you find this human?!" I stared at him.

He calmly looked at me. "Why are you mad at me? Those people in the comlab  are more responsible with that. And I'm searching for it too. Don't stare at me like you're going to kill me!" He widened his eyes and acted like he's going to throw me the tea cup he was holding.

"Better find this person, Jackson. I don't want to ruin my day again because of his/her filthy shits."

"I know. We're doing our best, sajangnim." He bowed his head politely and I know that he's just messing around by doing that. "By the way, the investment with Mr. James Hendrick is successful. I called him and the money already transferred in company's account. It was a good that happened because there will be a lot of good feedbacks that the company will receive."

I turned off my laptop and stood up. "We better not disappoint Mr. Hendrick. It's better for the company." I grabbed my phone. "Let's go." Because we're having a meeting at the 3rd floor.

"Is it really better for the company or it is better so that he can give you the blessings for his daughter?" He playfully said but I just glared at him. "W-What?" He was taken aback.

"Do I really need to fire you first for you to shut your big mouth?"

"I-Yaysh! I just heard that from Chaeng!" He hissed as he composed himself back. "You're so scary when you're glaring. Damn." He whispered but I can clearly hear.

"Let's go, COO."

"Coocoobaba." He literally sang that word that made me rolled my eyes. He always loves kidding around and most of the time, I hate it. I really hate it for fucking sake because he's not making any sense.


"About the company sales for this month, I prepared a presentation for all of you and for the CEO to clearly see the illustration for this month's sales." Said by Mr. Lee, the presenter for today's meeting.

He was discussing something about the past sales before discussing what happened this month's sales. I was busy listening when I felt the my phone on my pocket vibrated. I grabbed it and saw an unexpected text from the gorgeous cat woman.


"Hey." I replied.

You busy?

"Not really. I'm just in a meeting."

God, really? I'm sorry for disturbing you. 😓

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