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Lisa's POV

I held my lover's hand while we're walking in front of the La Sagrada Familia Church. She's busy looking around to see the beautiful scenery here while me,  busy staring at my most beautiful view, Jennie.

"Lisa..." she covered my eyes to block me from staring at her when she noticed what I'm doing.

"Why? Can't I take my time analyzing how beautiful you are?" She shook her head and pinched my nose. I flinched and stepped back from her. "Aww. That hurt." I complained.

"Yes, I will pinch you harder if you're making me feel awkward again with your sweetness." Those fucking cat eyes were looking at me right now... Call 911 please?

I pouted. "Waeyo? Am I not allow to make your heart flatter?"

"It's okay. I mean, you've been staring at me for like.... Since earlier when we took a cab. It's just that..."

I tapped and messed her hair while smiling widely. "I know. I know. I get it, baby. I just can't believe that after what happened, we're together again in the same country where I first saw you. And I am not sorry for that, Miss Kim."

We continue to walk as we entered the church. While we were holding hands, she pulled my hand and put it inside her pocket. I turned my head on her direction and I was stopped for a second. A smile flashed on my face unexpectedly.

"Let me hold and protect you too." Jennie said while making me watch her gummy smile.

I remained silent for a moment and speechless because of the action and words she did. I remembered how I did the same thing to her back then.

"I find it sweeter when you held my hand like this for the first time so stop being delusional." She said then laughed, ruining the momentum we just had right now. 

I just shook my heaf in disbelief. "Let's go and pray." I told her and we sat on the front part of the church, near the altar.

We were silent for almost 15 minutes and no one dares to talk after praying.  I wiped my palms on my pants because it became sweaty as I think of my next action.  Jennie remained looking at the altar, seemed like she's in a deep thinking. 

I took a deep sigh before starting a conversation. "I thanked God for everything. I thanked Him for helping me fix myself, my family problems and my relationship with you. All this time, I realized that it's really a good decision to continue believing in Him when you can't even trust yourself on hard moments. I was on my very down situation years ago, but He still holds me. You know the feeling that when you want to let go of everything you have, when you don't want to continue the life but He still held me this hard." I grabbed Jennie's hand to make her feel how tight that hold was and released it after. "So I want Him to witness every special day of my life even though that's so obvious. He can witness me and my very me every second even I won't ask for it." I chuckled and looked at the floor. "My life and my story will not be a story without Him."

I felt Jennie's hand caressed my back as she leaned her head on my shoulder. "I know, and I felt the same way too, Lisa." She whispered. "Thanks for bringing me here. I feel extra grateful." She said.

I kissed the top of her head and pushed her gently away from me. She stared at me with confusion on her face. "There's one more thing I want to do today."

"Eat again?"

"That's reserved for tonight." Then I winked. She got it in a second so she pinched my cheek.

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