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Lisa's POV

I am with Chaeng because she drove the car for me and obviously, I had no energy to do those things right now because the thought of Jennie kept appearing on my mind. We just left my parents house but in just few minutes, we're already on the exact place where I can see Jennie's car crashed against the wall and what happened earlier is still not syncing inside my mind but here I am, facing another problem. Yes, Jisoo unnie already reported to us everything and fuck! It's making me go crazy like hell!

We went outside the car and again, I wasn't moving at all. I saw that there's a lot of people circling the area and there's a lot of police and an ambulance is already on stand by. Maybe waiting for the patient, waiting for my girl. Chaeyoung tried to pull me but this time, I forced myself not to go with her.

I am afraid.....

I'm not that brave to see Jennie's situation but there's a part of me that I want to run and save her right away. I felt guilty for just standing up here and not doing anything. Why? Every second of my life is killing me slowly. I rather take all the bullets coming from Jackson's gun than knowing the fact that Jennie is in critical condition because of me.

"Babe." Chaeng called someone. The love of her life, Jisoo unnie. She released her grip on my hand and came to hug Jisoo. "Are you okay?"

"I... I don't know, Chaeng. I don't know." She started to cry. The cry that even you can feel the pain.

My eyes began to water when Jisoo unnie called my name. "Lisa! J-Jennie..."

"Unnie, tell me what happened?" I almost whispered my voice because for goodness sake, I don't have the energy to talk right now.

"I... I was on my way to follow her because your assistant called me that something wrong is happening to your company. I was a bit late because I just had dinner with Chaeng. Then Jennie called me, I thought it was her but it's one of the police. They told me that my sister is still inside the car and they can't do the action in a faster way because they might break Jennie's bone or even hurt her body." unnie's voice was shaking and she's sobbing.

"Babe.... calm down." Chaeng said while tapping Jisoo unnie's back. "Jennie... Jennie will survive."

I looked at the crowd and started to walk towards them. I even heard Chaeng called my name but I didn't bother to look back. I need to saw Jennie right now. I know it will hurt me, but what's more with her situation? Maybe I can do something since I was a doctor right? Fuck! I'm still a useless one tho. Why can't I be great? Many people are sacrificing themselves because of my stupidity. I just let her get in this situation. I pushed her away earlier. Yes, it's my fault.

"I need to see my girl." I said without looking at one of the cops here.

"The woman is now transferring to the gurney bed. Please you may---"

"I'm a doctor!" I shouted then walked again. Yes, I'm still a licensed doctor and I don't have any criminal records so basically I am still a doctor.

I saw those people from ambulance, carrying Jennie to lay her down on the gurney bed or wheeled stretcher. I ran towards them and maybe some of them recognized me. "Dr. Manoban."

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