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Lisa's POV

"Come on. Answer the phone please?" I talked to the phone as I heard it ringing consecutively.

I've been trying to call Jennie Kim since earlier in the morning and now that I'm going home, I still can't reach that woman. I asked Jisoo unnie if she knows where that woman is and she said that she's busy on the paper works that their Dad left them. Jennie isn't like that because she hates to handle those future businesses that her father wants to her to handle. I know that besides of her new project with me as her business partner, there's a lot more works pending for her. That was her Dad's tasks before he left the country.

Back to Jennie who wasn't answering my phone calls, I am not that worried because I know she's safe. And why not answering my calls? We had a little argument about what happened when we had an awkward dinner with Chaeng and Jisoo unnie. We also had a little fight about my situation with the chipmunk. I mean the living in the same roof thing and stuffs. If I say little argument, then it's not that big deal for me. I know we can fix everything if we will talk about those tonight. Besides, I miss her big time!

"Jeez." I hissed then shook my head. I don't have a choice but to leave her a message before driving again.

Please talk to me. Whatever you are doing tonight, let me grab some dinner for you. How about your favorite carbonara with fish fillet and chips? We'll have them tonight, baby. I love you ❤️


I put my phone on the passenger seat and drove my car to the nearest restaurant from my company. I should feed her with good food first before talking to her, that's what my Dad said when he's courting my Mom back then. He told me that when I was a child, when everything's fine and in peace.

By the way, how are they doing? I'm curious. Because like Jennie, I miss them also... big time.

I sighed and closed my eyes for a while as I took the line to order. I was waiting for my turn when I heard my name called by someone.

"Dr. Manoban?"

I turned around and saw my ex fellow slash assistant from the hospital here in Seoul. It's Sung Jae!

"Hey." I nodded my head then smile.

"Wow. Look at you, doctor. You looks so professional when wearing a suit. That's so different when you are inside the operating room or when you're wandering around the hospital." He still talks like a child. A silly child.

I tapped his shoulder, "Yeah, that's why don't call me doctor. I am not one of you anymore."

He scratched the back of his head and gave me an awkward smile. "I still root you as the best neurosurgeon in the whole world."

"I wish I can still prove myself as one." I smiled weakly but he clapped his hands.

"Yes you can! You always know the way to that, doctor. You know that you've been my inspiration why I pushed myself in this path. So I miss walking with you. Hope to see you in the middle of the way, Dr. Lalisa."

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