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Jennie's POV

When the event was done, me and my crew started to pack up things for today. This cafe will be 24 hrs open starting tomorrow like the other one in Ulsan. I told Hanbin to manage that one until I can both manage the two branches. I need to focus more on this cafe because there's so much to improve first. Hanbin is a chef like me, we actually went into the same culinary school when we're in college. We both love to cook so I finally decide to build my own restaurant while him, he used to go chef in some famous hotels or cruises. He's more friendly than me that's why look at our strategies on how to use our skills. Others may confuse if I'm really related to him because he is also a Kim but no. We're on the same age but we're not twins or anything. I'm not related to that weird human being.

After we finished everything, I let everyone to go home and rest because I will be the one who will close the cafe. I turned off the lights and locked the door. While walking, I have my smile on my face because I can clearly see who's the woman leaning on her black sports car and patiently waiting for me. I saw her busy talking to someone over the phone as soon as I reached her place.

"Oh, I'll call you later again, Mom." She said when she saw me then dropped the call.

"It's okay. You don't have to end the call just because I'm here." I said while fixing my hair.

"No, it's fine. She's just asking if how am I." She said then walked to the other door and opened it. I followed her until I went inside.

"She must be so sweet and thoughtful." I said when I saw her entered the car.

"Not really. We do not see each other for months that's why." She chuckled while opening the engine of her car.

"What a nice car you have. By the way, you didn't tell her that you're already here?" I said then fasten my seatbelt.

She nodded. "I'm planning to say it when I already talk to you. I want to fix everything about us first." She started to drove off.

"It's not a big deal anymore, Lisa. Tell me a better reason and everything's good." I smiled while looking at the dark view outside the car. "Where are we going?"

"On my condo." She smirks.

"Hey, no way. You kidding me right?" I said.

"Okay. I'm kidding you. I won't take you home until you don't want me to and give permissions. We're going to Kang's place, they bought different kinds of meat and we're going to have a BBQ party." She laughed. "That's the couple's plan, actually. Not mine."

"I know. I'm not saying anything, why so defensive?" I replied while chuckling.

"I am not." She smiled while looking on the road. "That's the best place to talk to also. Since I have lots of reasons to tell you."

We're having conversations until we reached Seulgi and Irene's house. It's huge and has modern design. Just wow. As soon as we took off the car, she grabbed my bag and carried it and she held my hand. I didn't protest or anything. I'm just watching her like I've always wanted to do.

We entered the house first before going to the garden where the bbq party is. Lisa didn't bother to knock or press the doorbell because she knows their password. She must've been here often.

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