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Lisa's POV


"Call me at least sister!"

"I don't want to!" The 14 year old boy answered back. I don't know anymore what to do for this boy to obey me. "You're just older than me but that doesn't mean that I should call you sister." He rolled his eyes.

I gasped and hugged him from the back. "Why so sweet?" I asked with full of sarcasm.

"Lisa. Let go of me for goodness sake!" Bambam shouted. "You're so fucking clingy."

"What's wrong? I'm always like this." I poked him who's so busy playing the video games.

"Aish." He hissed. "What are you doing here?"

"Chaeyoung told me to go here. This is my house too." I sat down comfortably and grabbed the popcorn that was placed on the table.


"Yes. She's going here later." I said while chewing. "Why? Do you miss her?"

He seemed to be lost in focus when I asked that because he suddenly got defeated on the game. "N-No."

"By the way." I tapped his shoulder. "I told her that you have crush on my best friend."

"What?! Are you fucking serious?!" His eyes widened because of shock that made me laugh.

I nodded while laughing. "What's wrong? I just told her the fact. Just thank me because I made a move for you." I smiled but she punched my arm. It's not that hard.

"Bullshit Lisa! What did you do?!" He shouted. Oh my god, my brother's face was so red. Damn, it's a bit cringe to see a man blushing but he's cute tho.

I messed his hair and stood up. "Court her, Bam. Don't act when it's too late."

"Aish! Don't tell me what to do, Lisa. You already ruined my image to Chaeyoung." He pouted and threw me a pillow but I just chuckled. "Get out!"

"Hahahaha! Who are you to order me like that, you small dick!" I ran to my room and locked it before he follow me. I know how he wanted to punch me right now. Actually I was just kidding when I said that I told Chaeng about that crush thingy. I just want to tease him.


"Lisa-ya." Bambam knocked the door as he called my name.

I dropped my big headphones on the floor and rushed myself to open the door. "What?" I smiled while asking the little boy here. He always said that he's already a grown up man but he's still a baby for me.

He harshly extended his arm to hand me a plate of pesto pasta. I looked at him but seemed like he intentionally avoided his gazes on me. I just smiled and shook my head. "Get it now or I'll drop it." He said, putting his other hand on the pocket of his pants.

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