A Million Thanks

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I clearly remember how my mind came up with a random idea, how excited I was when someone's voting and leaving a comments every chapters and how struggled I experienced writing this one.

This story was supposedly just a one shot. Yeah. A one shot JenLisa story but thankfully, I got bored and clicked the "Add Story" instead of "Add another Part/Chapter".

My first story is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (You can check it out on my stories, thanks!)  and that received a lot of love especially from the delulus or JenLisa shippers. Basically, this story was my "on point pressure" story because when I was in the middle of writing, a lot of people were already waiting for the chapters to come out. I even had this writer's block so I stopped and got into a hiatus (like BLACKPINK's comeback. Hehehe) but I'm still thankful because readers waited and let me wrote whatever ideas I wanted.

This chapter is me, thanking the readers for the support even though this book was a bit stressful, I know.

Thank you po for the 1 Million Reads. I hope that you enjoyed reading "The Mistress" by yours truly.


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