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Jisoo's POV


"Yes, Jisoo unnie?"

"Is it really okay that you came with me tonight? Jennie might kill us if she knows this." I said while grilling some pork.

Lisa came with me tonight because I need to unwind because I was so stressed the whole week and I really need go taste some soju.

"There's nothing to worry about because Jennie's used to us already, unnie. Besides it's our day off tomorrow." She smiled and we are both tipsy right now because we're spending almost an hour here at some barbecue tent.

"This is how cheap I am. Just drinking and eating with this kinds of place, I'm already okay with that. I don't need bars or fancy restaurants just to have fun."

"That's what important the most, unnie. Is that you are having fun and you can let your stress go." She said while pouring some soju on my glass.

"Thank you, Lisa-ya. I don't know what to do without you, for real." I sat down properly and looked at the woman with a golden bangs. "It's been a year since you let us moved in and gave us that beautiful house. You helped us find a good doctor for my mom's case and now, you are helping us in some financial assistance. I'm really thankful and don't get me wrong with that but what if others might think it the wrong way? That my family just wants money from you."

She drank her fifth glass of soju. "Unnie, I would love to help anytime. I already mentioned this to Jennie, that you became my family since the day you treated me one and I mean it. A year gone passed so fast in just a snap but you still remained to treat me that way. Although I can't give Jennie all the things in the world, you still accepted me for her to be her lover." She smiled and bowed to me.

"Just protect Jennie at all cost and love her all the way, it's already fine with us." I thumbs up and we cheers after that.

This woman brought happiness to Jennie's life. She makes efforts for my little sister to be happy. They look like a  sweet married couple and I love seeing them together.

Speaking of married couple, I remembered Chaeyoung. It's been a year but she became more miserable than ever. I can't do anything but to worry about her condition.

A year ago...

"Hey, where the hell in this world are you?! I've been calling you hundred times now!" I uttered while walking on the street of Hongdae because I heard that Chaeyoung's here, somewhere.

"*hik* Jisoo-yaaaa! I'm here at our favorite bar in Hongdae! Where are you? You promised to join me every time." She said on the phone while having her hiccups.

Damn! I should go there! I quickly ran and when I found the bar that Chaeng was talking about, I entered it and looked around. I saw the blonde woman having her drinks on the table, alone. I sighed to calm myself down because I finally found her.

I walked towards her then when she saw me, she stood up to hug me. "Heeeey! Finally." She said cheerfully. "My superwoman is here already!"

I shook my head and helped her to sit down. "Why are you here? It's too far from your home."

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