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RUINED by rabiha01
RUINEDby rabiha01
Story of hate and love. A man who destroyed same girl life whom he claimes to love most. What exactly happened that made him do this sin orit was just a Lust which he cl...
  • love
  • khushi
  • indian
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Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight by PoisonRosie
Meet Me In The Pale Moonlightby PoisonRosie
Rated R: Sexual content, drugs, and language Nineteen year old Marina falls in love with a man more than twice her age. Something no one would approve of, especially his...
  • sidechick
  • daddy
  • nymphet
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Rejected For His Mistress | ✔ by NaaginN
Rejected For His Mistress | ✔by NaaginN
A young she-wolf, surrounded by dangers. A young Alpha with a cursed destiny. A crazed mistress, loved to be touched. One mistress. Two Soul mates. Three complicated liv...
  • mates
  • trust
  • bond
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My Mistress by chokeMeHarder22
My Mistressby HisGoodGirl
I have to obey mistress. Her favorite punishment is not allowing me to cum. So I do whatever I can to avoid that.
  • obedient
  • mistress
  • katherine
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Forbidden Love by Lauren1462001
Forbidden Loveby Lauren
Their love seemed perfect but Thaddeus had secrets hidden from his beloved. The secret makes their relationship doomed, a Forbidden Love but how will it end for Thaddeus...
  • royal
  • lycan
  • rejection
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Bound and Broken  by Diamond_Shadow_Heart
Bound and Broken by Diamond_Shadow_Heart
It was the of January, the day after New Years. Sky has just turned 18 and she wasn't exactly the best child to her parents. She broke curfew, stayed out late, snuck out...
  • slave
  • island
  • pet
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Althea The Suffer Wife by jamXiuLyn
Althea The Suffer Wifeby judilyn menese
Althea Salazar and Sean Manzano Cover Credits: glowiya
  • love
  • mistress
  • family
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In His Arms by lostfairybelle
In His Armsby GATH. SIG.
Be his mistress. What could be so hard? Rosy born from nobility. Her life set until things took the wrong turn and now she finds herself a mistress of a man who has pla...
  • shame
  • romance
  • mistress
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He Loves Me Not by briette_lol101
He Loves Me Notby briette_lol101
Adeline Fox thought she was living the perfect life for a 25 year old. She has the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect husband... Or so she thought. After be...
  • heartbroken
  • cheater
  • marriage
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He Doesn't Remember by MariMitchellBaker
He Doesn't Rememberby MariMitchellBaker
A car accident changed her life. H He was her husband. She was his wife. The last six years of his memories were gone. They met four years ago. He doesn't remember. ©Co...
  • betrayal
  • mistress
  • accident
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