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Lisa's POV

I barely park my car properly in front of my family's house because I can't clearly see the road and I felt dizzy. I just got drunk from my house and decided to go here. Wanna know the reason? I am going desperate! Fuck it but I want to use my last option to revenge to those people who made me like this especially to my dad.

I entered the house then slammed the door so the guards went to stop me from entering.

"Ma'am Lisa, you're not allowed here."

"What?" I laughed. "This is my house too! You want me to fire you?!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry but that's just an order, Ma'am." He bowed his head while pushing me away.

"What the fuck?! Don't touch me!"

"Ma'am, can you please go outside because your parents will--"

"Let her be." I smirked as I heard my dad's voice. She's with mom and they are going downstairs. The guard did let go of me so I sat down on the couch but they remained standing.

"Why don't you sit down first my lovely parents? We should take everything easy."

"What do you want?" My daddy asked.

"Your life." I said while smiling then I saw my mom's surprised face. "I'm just kidding!" Then I laughed.

"Lisa, why do you have to drink and came here just to mess with your father?"

"Because it's all your fucking fault! You made me miserable like this and now I'm the only one who is suffering?! How about all of you?!" I shouted. Yes, I am totally drunk but I'm still thinking straight. I still know what I am doing.

"Stop it now or I'll call the guards to drag you out of here?!" My dad's scary voice tried to threaten me but I don't give a fucking fuck! "Go now, Lalisa!"

"No! I can't! Give me the company now! Sign those fucking papers and give all your properties to me!" I shouted back.

"You know I can't do that right now! I'm still alive and..."

"How about I will kill you?" I smirked but my mom walked towards me and slapped me as hard as she can.

"How dare you say those words?!" She said while looking at me with anger on her face.

I felt my face heated because of the impact that gave me by her strong slap but I just laughed crazily. "Damn. Hahaha! You don't know what's joke? Y'all taking it seriously!" Then laughed again.

"Observe what you are doing. Stop making things complicated." She said in a lower but hard voice. Yeah, they are expert with those things. Controlling me or saying things that I should and I shouldn't do like I am their pet!

I averted my eyes on my father. "Sign those fucking papers now. This time, I am not kidding anymore." I walked towards him but the man has a strong wall that no one can break it to make him bother. But not for me.

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