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Chaeyoung's POV

"Tell me her name then I will salvage that woman!" Here we go again, brave Jisoo mode on.

"I will never tell you especially now that you're saying threats." I chuckled while drinking my third bottle of beer.

"She's already here in Seoul yet she can't visit her wife?! What kind of partner is she? You really don't deserve that woman." She shook her head while nagging about everything.

"I'm used to this but I don't know why my heart keeps on aching." Jisoo didn't know anything about Lisa. I didn't tell her the woman's informations because I know this girl really well. She'll make a scene just to protect me.

She's on my side since three years ago when we met at the bar because I used to drink a lot when Lisa always leaving me alone in our place. I met Jisoo, I told her anything she wanted to know but not Lisa's identity. One of the reason also why I'm keeping her identity is because she's a famous doctor here. She's on my  Dad's level when it comes to popularity. She's really in demand here in Seoul but she keeps on insisting to work outside the country because she wants to be far away from me. Maybe you are all thinking how can I hide it to my almost best friend slash shoulder to lean on here, it's because we don't have any pictures of us together in our own house. Lisa is definitely right when she said that it's not a home, it's just a house. There's so much big differences on that part.

"She's also making you feel like you're worthless and that makes me even more mad, Chaeyoung." Jisoo said in a lower voice. I know that she's always concerning about me but I don't really know how to return all these favors to Jisoo.

"I am always grateful to have you as my friend, Jisoo! Jisoo's Christ!" I said then I laughed. Making more obvious that I am already drunk.

"Aish. Stop that. That's not really good for you." She grabbed the bottle of beer I am holding.

"Then what's good for me, Jisoo? Death? Should I die instead? No one fucking cares about me but you!" I shouted and tried to stand up.

"That's why I am here, Chaeyoung! I will never leave you." She said with sincerity on her voice. "Stop drinking and rest now. Especially now that your head is always aching maybe because of alcohol." She said while helping me to walk to my room.

"When will that woman treat me like how you treat me?  You know what, the future woman you will love will be the luckiest because she has a Jisoo who's always caring, supporting and loving." I said while wiggling because of mg dizziness.

We reached the room and I threw myself on the bed. "When will she notice that I am still existing?" I looked at the ceiling, teary eyed. "What will I do for me to hear the sweetest I love you from the woman I love? Is it too much to ask?" I slowly sat down and looked at Jisoo. My tears began to fall. "I don't deserve this but I know that she's my only happiness, Jisoo." I started to cry and I understand why Jisoo is not in panic because she always see this kind of situation to me. I'm always like this. Every fucking day!

She walked towards me and hugged me then caressed my back. "I won't ask you to forget her because I know that's too impossible, but please.... Never let yourself be miserable just because of that woman. She doesn't even deserve you." She whispered.

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