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Jennie's POV

"Lisa, you're drunk already." I said while glaring at my Jisoo unnie.

"Wait... why are you looking at me? You're talking to Lisa." She said with her crazy smile.

"You're the one who came up with this idea. I already told you that this woman can't drink as many as you can." I rolled my eyes but she just laughed.

I looked at the great drunk surgeon beside me. Her head is already bowing down and yeah, she's sleepy because it's fucking 3am and they are still drinking. Lisa had enough so I forcefully get her up and we went inside my room leaving my unnie in the garden. She's still in her right mind so I know that she can go to her bedroom by herself. I pushed her to lay down on my bed.

"Holy Mother of G. You're really knock out." I said while wiping my forehead. Lisa is still so heavy although her arm was just clinging into my shoulders when we got up.

I started removing her black stilettos and put it on the side of the bed. "Hmm. I... I need to go home..." Lisa said while her eyes closed.

"No. You're too drunk to go home." I know that tomorrow she has her schedule in hospital that's why I was against of my unnie's idea to have some soju time. And they were both laughing the whole night.

I was about to remove the coat she's wearing when she pulled me so I accidentally landed on her top. She wrapped her arms around my body while staring at me with her half opened eyes.

"Don't be upset... we.. just had fun.... that's a celebration... for... for having you as my girlfriend." She smiles like an idiot but all I did was to sigh deeply.

"How about later? You have work."

"I will think about it later. Don't worry about anything, baby." She winked at me which I find it cute.

I finally smile while looking at the woman's beautiful face. Her face is really not a typical face you can see everyday in this world. I love how she move, talk and laugh. I know myself, that I am already in love with Lisa.

"What are you thinking, small bean?" She asked.

"Nothing. I'm just happy." I rested my head on her chest. "Are you really serious earlier? When you asked me to be your girlfriend?"

"Do I look like I'm joking? I am seriously serious, Jennie. I'm madly deeply in love with you. I love you so fucking much." She said in a hoarse voice.

"And I love you too. Please take care of my heart, Lisa. It's already yours." I said then kissed her lips.

"Holy.... fuck." She whispered. "Now to think about it, you are on my top and you just kissed me..... wow...."

"Lisa?" I frowned.

"Are you tempting me?" She smirked. I love seeing that smirk.

"What? Of course not! Stop what you are thinking!" I warned her.

She shook her head. "Okay. I'm just kidding." She laughed. Why Lisa is always like this? After she gets drunk, and when she talks to me she's already sober? "I won't hurt you. I will definitely lock your heart at my safe." She tossed and put me on her side then hugged me.

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