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"Transfer the company budget on my secret account then we're done here."

"But boss, that will be dangerous because it's a large amount of money."

"That's why we're robbing it, you dumbass! Do your job properly." The man said then lit his cigarette. "I would love to see the Manoban's group go down."

"Yes, boss." Said his assistant who's expert on hacking accounts and stuffs. He is his assistant for a year now and well trusted.

The man sipped from his glass of whiskey then sat down comfortably on the black sofa on his private suit. "Marco, Bambam, and Lalisa, I hate those people so much to the point that I don't want them to live in peace. I will surely make their life like a living hell."

"Transferring...." The assistant said.

He smirked while smoking. "I can smell money." Then rubbed his thumb and index fingers against each other.

That company isn't that large for its security to be hidden. Lalisa, the current CEO is a bit careless because little did she know, I'm now making my second to the last move. I planned this a long time ago, and now I'm doing it.
What a dream come true! I want those Manobans to go out of my sight because first, they don't belong here. Second, I want them to learn the lesson. Lastly, I want them to suffer the pain that they've caused me especially Marco. That old man.

"Boss, you need to go and do your last move now. We're running out of time. We only have an hour and it will be fully transferred."

He sighed. "Do not order me around. I know what I'm doing." He said then stood up to fix his red suit. "I'm going."

The man in tux suddenly paused and looked at his assistant who's busy on his laptop. "By the way, I need you to go out here in 10 minutes and do what I want you to do for me. You know, I like them choosing." Him and his assistant will move individually because that's how you get a good revenge right? Exploding those at the same time but on different places. He wants his dear Manobans to choose for him.


Lisa's POV

"What the fuck happened?!" I shouted as soon as I met Mina at the parking lot.

"We've been robbed, Ma'am." She carefully bowed her head. "I'm sorry for letting this thing to happen."

I sighed and looked to my secretary's worried face. "There's no time to blame ourselves, Mina. We need to find the culprit first." I shook my head and we started to walk towards the elevator.

"Didn't you track the hacker?" Jennie said. Yes, she's here with me. I told her that I'll drop her to their house but she's stubborn enough to push me not to do that.

"We we'rent able to know his place but the tracking is still on going, Ma'am." Mina in her calm voive as ever.


I don't have the choice but to curse inside my mind. I began to feel frustrated and angry because of what's happening. I cannot let my company go down. No. Not now.

We took off from the elevator and quickly went to the room where they're doing researches, programming and yeah, even securing the account of the company. Those night shift workers stood uo and bowed their heads as soon as they saw me. Like Mina's face, they are also looked so worried.

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