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Lisa's POV

"Mina, tell Ms. Kim that I can't meet her right now so cancel the meeting with her. I need to finish checking the monthly reports. Tell her also that I am sorry." I said to my secretary without looking at her because I'm busy browsing what's written on these papers.

"Yes, Ma'am." She bowed her head and went outside.

After a minute, I heard my phone rang and saw Seulgi's name on the screen. "Hey." I said as I answered the call.

"Guess what bitch? The seller just told me that she's going with the price you want. And the title will transfer to your name." She quickly stated.

"Not my name, Slugs."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. I'll tell her then going to the bank later."

"Thanks for doing this for me. I really owe you a lot. It's just that I'm so fucking busy right now." I said then massage the temple of my head.

"You owe me a lot of drinks!" She laughed.

Me and Seulgi talked about the other plans for that land for another minute when Mina entered my office again.

"It's Ms. Kim." She mouthed while pointing at the phone she was holding.

I nodded. "Slugs, talk to you later.... okay... bye." I said then ended the call. Mina handed me the phone and left.

"Hello, Ms. Kim." A wide smile flashed on my face.

"The hell are you doing?! You postponed our meeting again?" I heard her shouted from the other line.

I wanted to laugh but right now isn't the right time to do that because the lioness may kill me with her explosion. "Uh. About that..."

"Are you trying to delay the project?"

"What? No. Don't think that way, Jennie. I'm just busy right now, please understand."

"Now I highly doubt that you want to help me with this one. Damn! James shouldn't pick you as my business partner. He just made a big wrong move." I heard her groaning.

"Do you miss me?"

"The fuck?"

"I asked if do you miss me?" I said while smiling widely. This smile can tear my face right now.

"No! Hell no! Why would I--"

"Then why are you always in a rush to meet me? I thought you don't want me to be in this project?"

"For us to finish early! I don't really want spending my time with these nonsense things with you."

"Well, I miss you too Jennie... so much." I said in a serious way. Yes, I am serious.

"Shut it, Manoban. And let's get everything done." She ended the call and stared at the phone. Okay, I got her pissed again.

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