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Lisa's POV

I bowed my head as soon as I reached the dining area inside the house of my parents. To show some respect to them, at least.

"What are you wearing? I told you to wear something formal!" My father said, raising his voice.

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"Good evening too, Dad." I said sarcastically then pulled a chair to sit down.

"Lisa. You should've at least change your clothes before going here." My mom whispered to my ears and I gave her a blank look.

I just got back from a car racing with Seulgi and I decided to go straight to our family dinner. I was told to wear something formal. My wife did remind me earlier but I don't really care, actually.

I saw Bambam already sitting without looking at me and busy drinking his wine. I averted to my eyes on my Dad who's now staring at me angrily. He's always like that. That's why I'm lazy to attend gatherings like this. Fuck!

"Your wife's family will be here in a minute then they will see you like that?" He shouted.

"What's wrong?" I said in a cool way. "The clothes I'm wearing right now cost thousands of dollars like yours. Does it really matter if it's formal or not?" I rested my back while playing with my glass.

"Yes. Everything matters!"

"Even my feelings?" I shook my head while smirking. "Not really."

"Darling, stop now." My mom placed her hand on my shoulder to calm me down. I am actually calm down outside, maybe she knows that there's having war inside me right now. I pushed her hand away gently.

I heard Bam chuckled. "What's new? She's always not obeying your rules, Dad. She's really unbelievable and I'm not going to be surprised if people will gossiping about our family in a bad way because of her actions."

I don't know but I want to punch him right now. My blood is boiling on the highest temperature. I want to talk back but I know that I will just hurt myself more with their words. If Jennie's here, she won't like it when I answered back rudely. I wish I'm with her now, somewhere when I wouldn't see these people's faces.

"Oh, it's unusual that you're not throwing your signature savage lines." He laughed, mocking me.

Calm yourself down. Think about Jennie. Yes, think about her. Only her. I won't stress myself while thinking of her although I fucking missed her already.

After a few moments, the Park family already arrived. I greeted them by just bowing my head and sat down again. Chaeng sat beside me and kissed me on the lips.

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