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Jennie's POV

"Everyone, I'm so happy that you visited me on my restaurant's opening day. I'm so glad to see you all after all of my achievements in life because I won't deny that all of you actually helped me to upgrade my businesses. It's my second restaurant cafe but I'll make sure that the quality and uniqueness you wanted will still be around in this branch. Thank you so much and enjoy everything." I bowed to them and raised my glass for a toast.

This day is one of the special day for me because I exclusively opened my second café. I became busy when this cafe started to build. I spent efforts and money for this business so I'm really expecting good reviews after this opening.

I greeted them as soon as they started to eat. There's a music with good melody playing inside this cafe for a better ambiance of the place. I saw Jisoo and mom waving at me. They seemed so excited. In their table, there's also Hanbin. Smiling sweetly to me.

"You're not cool by just smiling at me." I mocked him that made my mom laugh.

"Aunt, stop me or else I'll kiss your daughter." He said while my Jisoo unnie started to laugh too.

"Kiss her, for her to realize that she's straight or not." Unnie joked but my mom seemed like she didn't get it.

"Ey, I don't like it." Kim Hanbin said. "Her lips probably doesn't taste sweet."

I shook my head. I can't talk back to them because there's a lot of people here. This is not a day for our silliness. I left them then walked around the cafe then I saw a two women sitting on the other table. I approached and greeted them. They seemed not so familiar to me.

"Hello." Then I bowed.

The blonde girl with a long hair stood up and shook hands with me. "I heard that you are the owner, congrats on your new business." She said while smiling. I saw the other woman, she's beautiful with her black hair, she's smiling kindly at me.

"Oh, yes. Thank you so much for coming but may I ask if where are you from? Are you around this neighborhood? Sorry, but I'm still trying my best to familiarize people and places here." I said.

The blonde took her sit beside the woman that I bet her girlfriend or not.... I noticed that they have a couple ring. Maybe they noticed that I'm staring with their hands. "Oh, by the way, she's my wife. She's Irene." The blonde said. "And I'm Kang Seulgi. We're actually living somewhere in Seoul so maybe we'll hangout here more often, right babe?"

"I agree. Besides, I love coffee so much." Irene said cutely while clinging her hands around Seulgi's arm.

"You guys looks so sweet." Then that stopped me. I remembered the same scenario when I was in Barcelona with.... Uh, nevermind. I regained myself back and focused again my attention to the lovely couple. "I hope you enjoy this place and the food."

"May I ask if you're the chef?" Irene asked.

I nodded. "I am. Cooking is my passion. That's why I decided to build my own restaurant." I smiled at them. "But today, I'm not on duty." I said.

In exact moment, their orders arrived. "It looks good." Irene complimented with her eyes sparkling.

"You're always dissing and stopping me from obsessing over food but look at you now." Seulgi teased her wife.

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