42 [M]

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Lisa's POV

"Wake up, baby." I bent forward to wake Jennie up by kissing her on her cheek. "We're almost there." After a long flight, we're about to land on the beautiful place, Barcelona.

It took us just 3 days to decide to fly here after that conversation with Jennie inside her room. I asked for her parents permission also after she agreed and they also agreed. They just asked me to take care of their precious daughter. They also said that I should be extra careful than the usual because they don't wanna see their daughter hurt again. Of course I won't let it happen again because if I do, I will definitely kill myself.

"Hmm. Five more minutes." She groaned then turned her back on me and went back to sleep.

"You're not in your house, Jennie." I whispered while shaking my head.

I let her sleep for few more minutes before waking her up again because the plane already landed and the passengers are on their way to the exit. Jennie fixed herself first before getting up. She clung her bag on her shoulders and stood up. "Let's go." Talking like nothing happened.

"You snore like there's no tomorrow." I joked then stood up.

"Am I?"


"Okay, shut up." She rolled her eyes and lead the way. I just laughed while following her.

I walked a bit faster to whisper something to her ear. "And you have a morning breath." I teased her.

"It's already evening." She answered. Okay, pissed off Jennie. Hahaha!

"But why does it smell---"

She stopped from walking and glared at me. "I said shut up, Manoban. You already ruined my sleep." She said then continue to walk again.

As soon as we went outside the plane, I put my hand around her shoulder. "What do you expect me to do? Leave you there?"

"No." She's still acting bitchy.

"The plane might take you back to Seoul." I laughed while walking.

"Enough, Lisa."

"Okay. Last." I said then looked at her cat face. "You want some Yadom? (nasal spray)" I laughed again and when I heard her called my name in a very serious way, I ran away for my life, for my sake! Jennie's gonna kill me anytime soon. Hahahaha!


"Ayre Hotel Caspe. The same hotel I checked in when I came here." Jennie said while looking around the room. "And it's the same room." She looked at me who's busy pulling the suitcase on the corner of the room.

"Yeah. I made a reservation for this."

"Oh." The last thing she said before walking on the balcony of the room.

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